Advisory Council Annual Review

We want to learn about your council's accomplishments!
Each year, the Chicago Park District requests information from each advisory council. Information collected includes officer contact information, membership details, summary of activities completed and contributions made to your park in the previous year, and financial information. Councils formed after December 1 of the previous year are not required to complete this form until the next year.

Submitting accomplishments along with general information about the council, through the form below, is one of the requirements for an advisory council to remain in good standing.  Councils that are in good standing are eligible for the Chicago Parks Foundation grant award, usage of the council partnership code for council events, and an extra raffle ticket to win a Movie in the Park, awarded at the annual Park Advisory Council conference in February. 
Complete the form below now.   Information is due February 15, 2017.
For questions, please call (312) 742-2797.  Thank you for all that you do for Chicago’s parks!

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