Advisory Councils

An advisory council is a voluntary group of individuals who meet on a regular basis to support the effective functioning of their local park. Councils promote ways for the community to better utilize the Chicago Park District's programs and facilities; provide communication to the Chicago Park District on matters relating to their parks; increase community awareness of Chicago Park District projects; provide the community with a vehicle through which park information can be shared; and assist in locating alternate funding sources to enhance park facilities. In an effort to do these things,many councils host events and other related activities throughout the year.The Chicago Park District encourages interested park patrons to participate in or form an advisory council in their local park. The Chicago Park District seeks advisement from councils regarding services provided to parks, needs, problems, accomplishments, and any other matters councils consider important to the operation of their parks.

Revised Advisory Council Forms!

All existing and newly formed advisory councils and those interested in becoming an advisory council, must review and complete the forms below. Fax the completed Application, Registration Form, Partnership Pledge and By-Laws to the Chicago Park District Community Relations Division at (312) 742-2797.

Park Advisory Council Reports are now DUE! 

In order to meet the Chicago Park District guidelines for Park Advisory Councils (PAC), all PACs must submit a yearly report.

The Chicago Park District has developed a uniform policy and procedure that provides standards to be followed in order to be recognized as a PAC.  These guidelines include holding yearly elections and submitting the Yearly Report.  By failing to meeting CPD requirements your PAC is in danger of losing its recognition as an official recognized Park Advisory Council.  
Click here to submit your yearly report.
Please submit the Annual Report by May 1, 2016 
in order to remain in good standing. 


What makes a PAC compliant?
•             Submitting Annual Report
•             Holding Yearly Elections
•             Submitting bylaws to the Chicago Park District
•             Maintaining PAC binder in parks, which includes: membership applications, meeting agendas, meeting minutes, financial reports

Registered Chicago Park District PACs, enjoy the use of rooms, space for their monthly meeting, application fee waivers,  expedited event permit processing, partnership benefits of no or reduced fees and liability insurance. If a PAC is not compliant they will not be privy to these benefits. PACs will be treated like every other community group and organization until they become compliant. 

Advisory Councils List

View a list of parks with advisory councils, and get meeting dates and contact information.



View a list of Advisory Council Frequently Asked Questions.

Contact Us

If you have any further questions about Chicago Park District advisory councils, please call the Department of Legislative and Community Affairs at (312) 742-2797.