Donor Bench Program


Do you know someone extraordinary whom you would like to honor? Is there a memory you’d like to preserve? Is there a special place in one of Chicago’s parks that has become meaningful to you or those you love?  Recognize them with a park bench. 

The Chicago Parks Foundation coordinates this creative way for you to celebrate significant people and memories. For a donation, a bench will be installed in the park of your choice, providing recognition of the significant people and occasions in your life.

Your Bench Plaque Tells the Story

Your donor bench will include a 2”x10” cast bronze plaque which allows you to memorialize a certain person, place or date. 

The allowable inscriptions are those that:
1. contain only the name(s) of the donor(s) or family member(s) of the donor(s) (including any official title such as Dr. or Alderman) or;
2. commemorate the death of a family member, and in such instances may include the name of the deceased, the words “In Memory of” and the deceased person’s name, and a date (either the date of death or the date of inscription) or;
3. in instances in which the park allows pets, the name of the donor’s pet.
No inscriptions of any other kind shall be allowed, and no text other than that described above shall be permitted on any plaque. No signs, symbols or logos of any kind shall be allowed. The Chicago Park District will have the final approval of text to be inscribed on the plaque. Maximum of twenty (20) characters (including spaces) are allowed per row, maximum of three (3) rows (Times New Roman font, in upper and/or lower case specified by donor).

You Choose the Location
Donors may request a specific park and site, however the most appropriate location for the bench will be finalized by Chicago Park District staff in coordination with the donor. Benches may be installed only on Chicago Park District property and are installed only by Chicago Park District contractors. At this time Buckingham Fountain is not included in this program.

Type of Bench
The Chicago Park District has several types of benches that are utilized throughout the District. Upon selection of your desired location, Chicago Park District staff will select the most appropriate bench for the desired location based on several factors including the historic nature of the park and style of existing benches within the park. All benches are installed on a concrete slab.

Donation Amount
$10,000 per bench in Lincoln Park or Grant Park
$5,000 per bench in all other Chicago Park District park locations

Getting Started
Complete the form listed below and contact the the Chicago Parks Foundation at (312) 742-5105. A site visit will be scheduled with you to choose a location for your bench. Benches will be installed in the Spring or the Fall, depending on when your order is received.

Term and Guarantee
The bench and plaque are guaranteed for ten (10) years from the date of installation. Within the ten (10) year term, the Chicago Park District will replace the plaque up to three (3) times (if needed) and will replace the bench up to one (1) time (if needed). After ten (10) years the donation is renewable at the current price with the first right of refusal given to the original donor. If the original donor decides not to renew, the bench may be removed or rededicated at any time.

Please call the Chicago Parks Foundation at (312) 742-5105 if you have any questions or if you would like to order a Donor Bench.


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