Break a Sweat, Not the Bank During One Week of Free Admission to Citywide Fitness Centers



Kick off the New Year in great shape by working out for free from Jan. 3-9, 2012, at any of the Chicago Park District’s 71 fitness centers located throughout the city.

“We encourage Chicagoans to take advantage of this special incentive,” said Chicago Park District General Superintendent and CEO Mike Kelly. “Physical activity is one step toward leading a healthy lifestyle.”

During the promotion from Jan. 3-9, patrons who extend the complimentary one-week period into either a three-month or annual gold card membership will receive a complimentary Nike cinch bag, while supplies last. The new gold card membership allows patrons the ability to workout at any of the Chicago Park District’s 71 citywide fitness centers.

Another new feature in 2012 includes monthly, three-month or annual memberships. Registration for memberships can be made through the Chicago Park District’s new registration system beginning Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2012. Patrons must set up an account prior to registering online or in-person for a membership.

Membership rates to the Chicago Park District’s fitness centers are affordable and range from $30-$60 for three months, a fraction of the cost of commercial gyms. Accessible equipment for people with disabilities is available at 45 fitness centers. Hours of operation vary per location.

The Chicago Park District fitness centers feature state-of-the-art equipment including: computerized treadmills, cross trainers, upright and recumbent bicycles, free weights and benches, cable cross-overs, multi-station weight machines and core-focused weight equipment.

The Chicago Park District encourages residents to enjoy a week of free membership at any of the following fitness center locations:

1.Ada Park, 11250 S. Ada St., 312.747.6002 (includes accessible equipment)
2.Altgeld Park, 515 S. Washtenaw Ave., 312.746.5001
3.Amundsen Park, 6200 W. Bloomingdale Ave., 312.746.5003 (includes accessible equipment)
4.Archer Park, 4901 S. Kilbourn Ave., 773.284.7029 (includes accessible equipment)
5.Armour Square Park, 3309 S. Shields Ave., 312.747.6012 (includes accessible equipment)
6.Austin Town Hall Park, 5610 W. Lake St., 773.287.7658 (includes accessible equipment)
7.Avalon Park, 1215 E. 83rd St., 312.747.2545 (includes accessible equipment)
8.Broadway Armory Park, 5917 N. Broadway St., 312.742.7502 (includes accessible equipment)
9.Brooks Park, 7100 N. Harlem Ave., 773.631.4401
10.Calumet Park, 9801 S. Ave. G, 312.747.6039
11.Carver Park, 939 E. 132nd St., 312.747.6047
12.Clarendon Park Community Center, 4501 N. Clarendon Ave., 312.742.7512 (includes accessible equipment)
13.Chase Park, 4701 N. Ashland Ave., 312.742.7518 (includes accessible equipment)
14.Columbus Park, 500 S. Central Ave., 773.287.7641 (includes accessible equipment)
15.Daley Bicentennial Plaza, 337 E. Randolph St., 312.742.7648
16.Davis Square Park, 4430 S. Marshfield Ave., 312.747.6107 (includes accessible equipment)
17.Don Nash Community Center, 1833 E. 71st St., 773.256.0904 (includes accessible equipment)
18.Douglas Park, 1401 S. Sacramento Dr., 773.762.2842 (includes accessible equipment)
19.Dunham Park, 4638 N. Melvina Ave., 773.685.3257
20.Eckhart Park, 1330 W. Chicago Ave., 312.746.5490 (includes accessible equipment)
21.Fernwood Park, 10436 S. Wallace St., 312.747.6132
22.Fosco Park, 1312 S. Racine Ave., 312.746.5086
23.Foster Park, 1440 W. 84th St., 312.747.6135
24.Fuller Park, 331 W. 45th, 312.747.6144 (includes accessible equipment)
25.Gage Park, 2411 W. 55th St., 312.747.6147 (includes accessible equipment)
26.Garfield Park, 100 N. Central Park Ave., 312.746.5092 (includes accessible equipment)
27.Gill Park, 825 W. Sheridan, 312.742.7802 (includes accessible equipment)
28.Grand Crossing Park, 7655 S. Ingleside Ave., 312.747.6158
29.Haas Park, 2402 N. Washtenaw Ave., 312.742.7552 (includes accessible equipment)
30.Hamlin Park, 3035 N. Hoyne Ave., 312.742.7785
31.Harris Recreational Center, 6200 S. Drexel Boulevard, 312.747.2706
32.Harrison Park, 1824 W. Wood, 312.746.5491 (includes accessible equipment)
33.Hayes Park, 2936 W. 85th St., 312.747.6177 (includes accessible equipment)
34.Hiawatha Park, 8029 W. Forest Preserve Drive, 312.746.5559 (includes accessible equipment)
35.Homan Square Park, 3559 W. Arlington St., 312.746.6650 (includes accessible equipment)
36.Humboldt Park, 1440 N. Sacramento Ave., 312.742.7549 (includes accessible equipment)
37.Independence Park, 3945 N. Springfield Ave., 773.478.3538 (includes accessible equipment)
38.Jackson Park, 6401 S. Stony Island Ave., 773.256.0903 (includes accessible equipment)
39.Jesse Owens Park, 2032 E. 88th St., 312.747.6709 (includes accessible equipment)
40.Kelvyn Park, 4438 W. Wrightwood Ave., 312.742.7547
41.Kennicott Park, 4434 S. Lake Park Ave., 312.747.7138 (includes accessible equipment)
42.LaFollette Park, 1333 N. Laramie Ave., 773.287.0541
43.Lake Shore Park, 808 N. Lake Shore Drive, 312.742.7891 (includes accessible equipment)
44.Lindblom Park, 6054 S. Damen Ave., 312.747.6443
45.Margate Park, 4921 N. Marine Drive, 312.742.7522 (includes accessible equipment)
46.McFetridge Sports Center, 3843 N. California Ave., 773.478.2609 (includes accessible equipment)
47.McGuane Park, 2901 S. Poplar Ave., 312.747.6497
48.Mozart Park, 2036 N. Avers St., 312.742.7535
49.Norwood Park, 5801 N. Natoma Ave., 773.631.4893 (includes accessible equipment)
50.Ogden Park, 6500 S. Racine Ave., 312.747.6572
51.Palmer Park, 201 E. 111th St., 312.747.6576 (includes accessible equipment)
52.Peterson Park, 5801 N. Pulaski Rd., 312.742.7584
53.Piotrowski Park, 4247 W. 31st St., 312.747.6608 (includes accessible equipment)
54.Pottawattomie Park, 7340 N. Rogers Ave., 773.262.5835
55.Rainbow Beach & Park, 3111 E. 77th St., 773.745.1479 (includes accessible equipment)
56.Ridge Park, 9625 S. Longwood Drive, 312.747.6639 (includes accessible equipment)
57.Russell Square Park, 3045 E. 83rd St., 312.747.6651
58.Rutherford Sayre Park, 6871 W. Belden Ave., 312.746.5368 (includes accessible equipment)
59.Scottsdale Park, 4637 W. 83rd St., 773.284.1826
60.Shabbona Park, 6935 W. Addison St., 773.685.6205
61.Sherman Park, 1301 W. 52nd St., 312.747.6672 (includes accessible equipment)
62.Sherwood Park, 5701 S. Sheilds Ave., 773.256.0926
63.Taylor Park in Bronzeville, 39 W. 47th St., 312.747.6728 (includes accessible equipment)
64.Taylor-Lauridsen Park, 647 W. Root St., 312.747.6729 (includes accessible equipment)
65.Trumbull Park, 2400 E. 105th St., 312.747.6759
66.Union Park, 1501 W. Randolph St., 312.746.5494 (includes accessible equipment)
67.Valley Forge Park, 7001 W. 59th St., 773.229.0812 (includes accessible equipment)
68.Washington Park, 5531 S. Martin Luther King Drive, 773.256.1248 (includes accessible equipment)
69.Welles Park, 2333 W. Sunnyside Ave., 312.742.7511 (includes accessible equipment)
70.West Lawn Park, 4233 W. 65th St., 773.284.2803 (includes accessible equipment)
71.Willye B. White Park, 1610 W. Howard St., 773.262.5051

For more information, visit or call 312.742.PLAY, 312.747.2001 (TTY).

    Contact Phone: 312.742.7529
    Publication Date: 12/08/11


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