Chicago Park District and IBEW Local 134 Partner to Reduce On-the-Job Injuries


   The Chicago Park District is pleased to announce that the IBEW Local 134 union of indoor electricians will offer its members employed by the Park District enrollment in its Safety Rewards Program.   The program aims to reduce on-the-job injuries and worker’s compensation claims.

“The Chicago Park District strives to provide a safe environment for its patrons as well as for our employees,” said General Superintendent and CEO Michael Kelly.  “This collaboration will assist us in both working smart and safe.”

“This is another example of how we are working together with our partners to build a better, safer and more efficient Chicago,” said Mayor Rahm Emanuel.  “Terry Allen and IBEW local 134 have been great partners to the City of Chicago and we appreciate them making this program available at no cost to Chicago taxpayers.”

This type of program is normally estimated to cost $1 million.  However, the IBEW will offer the Safety Rewards Program as a voluntary option for its members and manage it at no cost to the Chicago Park District.  The program will offer bi-monthly safety meetings to ensure better planning as well as discussion of on-the-job situations and review of safety sheets. 

Terry Allen, Business Manager of Local 134 IBEW in Chicago, said, “We believe this program will both protect the safety of our membership and encourage huge savings to the taxpayers of the City of Chicago.  We have had great success with other municipalities administering the program and believe the Safety Rewards Program is a perfect fit for the Chicago Park District.”

IBEW Local 134 currently has a successful program in place with Cook County.  Since the program began, more than 140,000 man hours have been documented without the injured being absent more than five work days due to the accident.  Local 134 envisions its safety program as the new industry standard.


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