Chicago Park District Announces New Programs: Park Families Wellness Initiative & Coca-Cola Troops for Fitness


Officials from the Chicago Park District and City of Chicago honored Veteran’s Day today with representatives of the Coca-Cola Foundation and community members at Fosco Park, 1312 S. Racine St., by kicking off the Park Families Wellness Initiative and announcing Coca-Cola Troops for Fitness.

“The Chicago Park District puts children and their families first,” said General Superintendent and CEO Mike Kelly, “and these programs will help attract more people to our parks as we give them additional options for recreation, making Chicago a city with more active citizens.”

A grant from The Coca-Cola Foundation backs the Park Families Wellness Initiative, which will offer fitness and nutrition education classes for Chicagoans of all ages.  The program work on increasing a family’s minutes of physical activity as well as its knowledge of a healthy lifestyle by emphasizing nutrition, dietary habits and exercise.

The program will strive to be the leading provider of affordable wellness programming in the City of Chicago as it impacts 125,000 patrons.  The number of fitness programs and locations will also be increased citywide as the Chicago Park District offers consistent class options in-line with national trends.

The grant will also fund Coca-Cola Troops for Fitness, a program that features military-style fitness classes led by U.S. veterans.  The program will be available at Chicago Park District field houses next year.

The Chicago Park District’s wellness division oversees 71 citywide fitness centers, 10 outdoor fitness courses and six citywide parks that are designated wellness centers (Broadway Armory, Douglas, Humboldt, Palmer, Pottawattomie and Sherwood Parks).  The wellness centers offer fitness and nutrition programs and amenities for the whole family.


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