Chicago Park District Announces Schedule Change for Next Round of Community Meetings to Solicit Additional Public Input for Jackson & South Shore Parks


Community meetings scheduled for September 25th and September 27th will provide update on the South Lakefront planning process

Following the six community meetings that were held this summer to discuss plans for Jackson and South Shore Parks, including the Obama Presidential Center, the Chicago Park District will host the next round of community meetings to solicit additional input from residents and provide an update on the South Lakefront Framework Plan. The open house meetings will be held on September 25th at the South Shore Cultural Center, located at 7059 S. South Shore Drive; and on September 27th at the Stony Island Arts Bank, located at 6760 S. Stony Island Avenue. Please note that one of the previously announced dates has been rescheduled, and that there will be no meeting on September 21st.

"These community meetings continue to be an essential part of the planning process because they provide local residents and legitimate stakeholders the opportunity to play a pivotal role in deciding how the District can best serve its patrons, while shaping a better future for the South Lakefront,” said Michael Kelly, General Superintendent and CEO of the Chicago Park District.

Both meetings will be held between 4 pm and 8 pm on the respective dates at the respective locations. At these meetings, the Chicago Park District will present an update on the South Lakefront planning process and the Park District’s analysis of existing site conditions.  The goal of the meeting is to verify the guiding principles with the public and to vet the ideas that will structure the overall vision for the framework plan.  Topics to be discussed include active recreation, golf, passive recreation, water use and quality, arts and culture, and pedestrian and bicycle connectivity. The Park District will also address some of the questions that were raised in the first round of meetings and provide updates about ecology and programming opportunities in Jackson and South Shore Parks. In addition, the Park District will solicit input from community members and park users to help further develop a vision for future park improvements. Information collected will be used to guide the development of options for the area which will be presented in subsequent meetings. 

Through this planning process, insights from park users will be invaluable in creating a long-term vision for Jackson Park and South Shore Cultural Center. The Park District encourages community members and organizations to attend the meetings and voice their views on the updates to the South Lakefront Framework Plan. 

Public comments from the June and July meetings are now available online; to read them or to learn more about the framework planning process, visit A summary of the public commentary and analyses gathered from the upcoming meetings will be posted following the meetings, as well.



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