Planning and Construction

Rob Rejman, Director 

The Division of Planning and Development plans and manages the Park District’s Capital Improvement Program. As part of this process, the Department manages land acquisitions; conducts inventory and historic analysis; designates landmarks; establishes design standards for parks; produces initial development plans and design documents; reviews landscape and architectural plans for parkland; performs research and policy analysis; writes grants; and works with other park departments, community groups, and city agencies to determine the location, scope, and design of parks.

The Division of Capital Construction directs and manages the District’s capital construction projects. These may involve the construction, restoration and/or rehabilitation of District facilities, structures, landscapes, monuments, and infrastructure, as well as the development of new parks. Members of the department provide construction project management, design implementation, technical and professional support, and finance management. This department is also responsible for managing the District’s Job Order Contracting program, and for issuing District permits to outside contractors.

Capital Improvement Plan

This Capital Improvement Plan presents the Chicago Park District’s forecast for facility improvements over the next five years. Each project was selected through careful consideration and with valuable input from advisory councils and other community stakeholders. Through our long-term plan and commitment to enhance the quality of life throughout Chicago, we will continue to provide excellent recreation opportunities, beautifully maintained facilities, and a customer focused and responsive park system.

Visit the Capital Improvement Plan page.

Framework Plans

The purpose of a Park Framework Plan is to create a long-term plan for the park that responds to diverse neighborhood needs as well as the historic context of the park. The plan provides a vision for improvements to the park over time and serves as a planning tool for both the community and the Park District. The plan outlines priorities and ensures that improvements are done in a coordinated and holistic manner. The plan is consulted as capital funding becomes available.

Dog Friendly Areas

A City of Chicago ordinance requires dogs to be on leashes in public areas for the protection of fellow residents, as well as the dogs themselves.  To offer all the dogs in the city some room to move, the Chicago Park District has supported the development of several Dog Friendly Areas (DFAs) to provide safe places for dogs to exercise, play, and socialize legally “off-leash.”

The Chicago Park District has procedures for establishing a DFA in your community. 
To learn more about the procedures, review the Establishing a DFA Comprehensive Package.

For an overview of the process, review the Establishing a DFA Checklist.

For questions, email us.  

Documents: Dog Friendly Areas

Name Size Published
PDF Document Dog Friendly Area Participating Veterinarians 70KB 10/16/2014
PDF Document Establishing a DFA Comprehensive Package 2MB 7/17/2013
PDF Document Establishing a DFA Checklist 251KB 7/17/2013