Contract No. P-11045

Electronic Live Scan Fingerprinting Services

Specification Number: P-11045
Title: Electronic Live Scan Fingerprinting Services


Specification Number: P-11045
Title: Electronic Live Scan Fingerprinting Services
Event DateBid StatusDetails
08/25/2011 Open

Project Advertisement.

09/01/2011 Open

Pre-submittal meeting held at 541 N. Fairbanks Ct. in the Lower Level Conference Room at 11:00am. Representatives from five (5) companies were in attendance. The sign-in sheet for the pre-submittal meeting is posted on the website.

09/08/2011 Open

Questions are due for this RFP.

09/09/2011 Open

Clarifications and Addendum will be issued.

09/13/2011 Open

Clarification No. 1 and Addendum No. 1 issued. Changes have been made to the General Information Section and Cost Pages of the RFP. These documents can be downloaded from the CPD website under the "List of Current Contract Opportunities" link in the "Doing Business" section.

09/22/2011 Open

RFP due to the Department of Purchasing by 3:00 p.m.. C.S.T.

Three (3) proposals received.

Responsiveness review commenced by the Department of Purchasing.


09/23/2011 In Review

Proposals received are from:
-Accurate Biometrics, Inc.
-Anthony's Mobile Fingerprinting, Inc.
-Trace Identity Services, Inc.

Accurate Biometrics, Inc. was responsive and compliant. Anthony's Mobile Fingerprinting, Inc. and Trace Identity Services, Inc. were found responsive, but non-compliant, as only partial M/WBE compliance was met.

To serve the best interests of the CPD, as stated in the RFP under the Proposal Requirements Section, the Department of Purchasing will move all three (3) proposals to the evaluation committee for a competitive review.

Proposals from Anthony's Mobile Fingerprinting, Inc. and Trace Identity Services, Inc. will be reviewed under the condition that if either proposal is recommended for award, they must meet full M/WBE compliance as specified in the RFP.

The Department of Purchasing is in the process of setting up the first Evaluation Committee meeting.

10/13/2011 In Review

First Evaluation Committee meeting scheduled for 10/17/11.

10/17/2011 In Review

The First Evaluation Committee meeting was held. Confidentiality agreements signed, and proposals distributed for committee review.

Scores of the initial evaluation are due on 10/24/11. The Evaluation Committee will also meet on 10/24/11 to discuss the initial evaluation of the proposals. Cost proposals will be distributed at this time for review.

10/24/2011 In Review

The Evaluation Committee met and discussed initial scoring of the proposals. Cost proposals were administered to the Evaluation Committee.

The Committee has decided to invite two (2) companies for oral presentations. The presentations will take place on 11/4/11.

11/04/2011 In Review

Oral presentations completed. Best and Final Offer requests will be sent to two (2) companies.

11/10/2011 In Review

Evaluation Committee visited a site of one (1) company.

11/17/2011 In Review

Best and Final Offers received from two (2) companies. The Evaluation Committee will review the Best and Final Offers and recommend an award.

11/21/2011 In Review

Evaluation Committee recommended a company for award.

The award will be recommended at the January, 2012 Board of Commissioners Meeting.

01/11/2012 Awarded

This project has been awarded to Accurate Biometrics, Inc. at the January Board of Commissioners Meeting.   

02/14/2012 Contracted

Contract executed with Accurate Biometrics, Inc.

Specification Number: P-11045
Title: Electronic Live Scan Fingerprinting Services
No vendors have downloaded for this bid yet.
Spec. No.: P-11045
Date: 9/22/2011 3:00:00 PM
Title: Electronic Live Scan Fingerprinting Services
Bid Deposit: None
Addendum: 1
Purchasing Contact: Trish Melchert
Awardee(s): Accurate Biometrics, Inc.

Proposal Register

ProposerDate And Time
Accurate Biometrics9/22/2011 10:15:00 AM
Anthony's Mobile Fingerprinting, Inc.9/22/2011 1:00:00 PM
Trace Identity Services, Inc.9/22/2011 1:30:00 PM

Note: Proposals are subject to review for completeness, accurary, and compliance with all terms and conditions in the specifications.


Firm NameCategory
Accurate Biometrics, Inc.