Contract No. P-11048

North Lake Shore Drive Landscape Maintenance

Specification Number: P-11048
Title: North Lake Shore Drive Landscape Maintenance

Request for Proposal (RFP) for an experienced landscape firm to provide year-round maintenance for North Lake Shore Drive, a world-class parkway extending the length of Lincoln Park.  Since these are high visibility landscaped areas, specialized experience is required, and the contract will be a performance-based one.  The scope of work includes spring clean-up and site preparation; ongoing maintence; fall maintenance, cleanup, and winterization; and winter maintenance.  Areas include standard plant material and planting beds (annuals, bulbs, perrenials, trees, shrubs, etc.), annual planter baskets, turf and lawns, irrigation systems, and hardscapes immediately adjoining areas of work (curbs, stairs, walkways, etc.)

Specification Number: P-11048
Title: North Lake Shore Drive Landscape Maintenance
Event DateBid StatusDetails
05/30/2012 Awarded

Contract executed.

05/29/2012 Awarded

Approval from Risk Management.  Contract to General Superintendant for signature.

05/25/2012 Awarded

Contract to Risk Management for review and approval.

05/24/2012 Awarded

Signed contract with insurance certificate received from vendor.

05/21/2012 Awarded

Contract to vendor for signature and insurance certificate.

05/11/2012 Awarded

Documents needed for contract delivered to Law.

05/09/2012 Awarded

Awarded to Moore Landscapes at the Board of Commissioners' meeting.

04/09/2012 In Review

Final scores received in Purchasing 4/6.  Tabulated and results distributed via email to EC by Purchasing, with a request for each EC member to confirm in writing their agreement with the EC's unanimous vote.  All five members confirmed.  Solicitation Summary in progress.  Award will be recommended at the May Board.

04/02/2012 In Review

Two submitters interviewed, followed by discussion of proposals, cost proposals, and interviews of each (4th EC meeting).  Final score sheets distributed; scores due to Purchasing 4/6.

03/29/2012 In Review

Third EC meeting, at which the two cost proposals were analysed and discussed in detail, along with potential interview questions.

03/26/2012 In Review

Second EC meeting.  Purchasing presented the preliminary scoring results to the EC, and the pros and cons of each company were discussed.  The EC then unanimously agreed to invite the two top-scoring companies in for interviews.  Purchasing distributed the cost proposals of those two companies to the EC for evaluation.  A non-voting member of the EC prepared a sample cost comparison spreadsheet later that day, which was subsequently distributed by Purchasing to all committee members.  The third EC meeting was scheduled for 3/29, and interviews were set for Monday, 4/2.

03/07/2012 In Review

First evaluation committee (EC) meeting, at which the evaluation process was discussed and the proposals received were distributed to EC members.  Preliminary scoring on proposals only (minus cost proposals) due to Purchasing on 3/21/12.  Second EC meeting set for 3/26/12.  Evaluation process begins.

02/29/2012 In Review

First evaluation committee (EC) meeting scheduled for Wednesday, March 7.

02/21/2012 In Review

Responsiveness review continues.  Make up of Evaluation Committee (EC) being discussed.  First EC meeting projected for the middle or end of the week of 2/27.

02/08/2012 In Review

Five (5) proposals received.  Responsiveness review commences.

01/30/2012 In Review

Addendum 1 and Clarifications 1 posted to website.

01/25/2012 Open

Non-mandatory pre-submittal meeting.  13 people from 9 companies attended.

01/18/2012 Open

Advertised to the public.

11/16/2011 In Development

Received maps. Incorporating into RFP document. 

11/01/2011 In Development

Received revisions to the above information. Incorporating into document, and awaiting maps.

10/25/2011 In Development

Received electronic version of developed scope, technical specifications, and an exhibit. Incorporating all into Request for Proposal (RFP) document.

08/10/2011 In Development

Received Request to Develop Project (RDP) form from the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for North Lake Shore Drive Landscape Maintenance. Summary of draft scope attached.

Specification number assigned.

Director of Purchasing assigned the project to an Advanced Buyer.

Awaiting developed scope, technical specifications, and cost pages.

Specification Number: P-11048
Title: North Lake Shore Drive Landscape Maintenance
Sunshinehighway 20 chicagoIL60611 jane done
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CUI53 W. Jackson Blvd 815ChicagoIL60604 Monica Herrera
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A Safe Haven Landscaping2750 W. Roosevelt Rd. ChicagoIL60608 Kris Sokol
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AB Sanchez, Inc.2814 E. Hintz Road 2828 E. Hintz RoadArlington HeightsIL60004 Trent Sible
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Anchor Mechanical, Inc.215 S Aberdeen St ChicagoIL60607 Kimberly McMahan
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KGI LandscapingP.O.Biox 265 SkokieIL60076 Gabriel Hostalet
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CityEscape Garden & Design LLC3022 West Lake Street ChicagoIL60612 Glenn Nordquist
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Dust Em Clean Maintenance Company548 E. 61st. Street P.O. Box 377823ChicagoIL60637 Cheryl Gill
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Monahan Construction Company Inc5566 Lynch Ave ChciagoIL60630 Joe Monahan
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Moore Landscapes, Inc.1869 Techny Road Northbrook IL60062 Jim Pearson
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Eagle's Landscape5833 Maple Ave. BerkeleyIL60163 Emilio Rodriguez
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Dr Green Services532 W 5th Ave NapervilleIL60563 Sean McGinn
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The TLC Group LTD.comP.O. Box 127 Clarendon HillsIL60514 janna Smith
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Lake County Forest Preserves1899 West Winchester Road LibertyvilleIL60048 Christine Miller
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SCS1950 W. 43rd St ChicagoIL60609 Mike Byrne
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Coleman Development Corporation7258 South Halsted Street ChicagoIL60621 Lester Coleman
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Forest Preserve District of Cook County536 N. N Harlem Ave River ForestIL60305 Pam Sielski
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Chicago Park District541 N Fairbanks Ct ChicagoIL60610 Edward Rynearson
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Spec. No.: P-11048
Date: 2/8/2012 3:00:00 PM
Title: North Lake Shore Drive Landscape Maintenance
Bid Deposit: None
Addendum: 0
Purchasing Contact: Ann Boger
Awardee(s): Moore Landscapes, Inc.

Proposal Register

ProposerDate And Time
Moore Landscapes, Inc.2/8/2012 11:44:00 AM
Christy Webber & Company2/8/2012 1:10:00 PM
City Escape Garden & Design, LLC2/8/2012 2:10:00 PM
Turf Care Landscaping, Inc.2/8/2012 2:20:00 PM
KGI Landscaping Co.2/8/2012 2:56:00 PM

Note: Proposals are subject to review for completeness, accurary, and compliance with all terms and conditions in the specifications.


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Moore Landscapes, Inc.