Contract No. P-11028

Planting & Landscaping Services District Wide

Specification Number: P-11028
Title: Planting & Landscaping Services District Wide

Generally, the scope of work is to perform the installation of shrubs, trees, and other plant material (vines, annuals, perennials, groundcover, bulbs) at any CPD location, as a part of the on-going renovation and enhancement of our parklands, which include an urban forest of 200,000 trees and more than 1,000 turf-based athletic fields.

RFQ Pool Landscape Services - Planting
Specification Number: P-11028
Title: Planting & Landscaping Services District Wide
Event DateBid StatusDetails
04/13/2012 Contracted

Contract executed.

04/11/2012 Awarded

Received OK from Treasury.  To General Superintendant for review and sign off.

04/10/2012 Awarded

Received OK from Risk Management.  To Treasury for review and sign off.

04/03/2012 Awarded

To Risk Management for review and sign off.

04/02/2012 Awarded

Received signed contract from Moore Landscapes; prepared for internal review and signature circulation.

03/13/2012 Awarded

Contract mailed to Moore Landscapes for review and signature.

03/07/2012 Awarded

Contract finalized (by Law, DNR, Purchasing).  Purchasing adding specified exhibits.

02/10/2012 Awarded

Documents required for contract delivered to Law.

02/08/2012 In Review

The EC recommends to the Board of Commissioners that Moore Landscapes, Inc., be awarded the contract for Planting and Landscaping Services District Wide, and the Board concurrs.

01/31/2012 In Review

Unanimous agreement of the EC to recommend for award the (final) highest-scoring company.

01/27/2012 In Review

All final scores were received and tabulated by Purchasing, and the results were distributed to members of the EC through e-mail, with a request that each committee member confirm in writing their agreement with the final results.

01/24/2012 In Review

All three interviews were held.  After the final one, the EC commenced their third meeting.  All three interviews and price proposals were discussed.  The EC agreed on a final scoring with three elements -- the proposal, the price proposal, and the interview.  Purchasing prepared that final score sheet and distributed it to members of the EC that day, with those final scores due back to Purchasing for tabulation on 1/27/12.

01/17/2012 In Review

Second EC meeting, at which preliminary scoring results were presented by Purchasing.  The EC then discussed the strengths and weaknesses of all six proposals, and decided to eliminate the three lowest scoring ones from further consideration; none had extensive planting experience.  Purchasing then distributed the cost proposals of the three remaining companies, and after a brief review, decided to study the price proposals in more detail and to invite all three companies in for interviews. 

01/10/2012 In Review

All preliminary (proposal only) score sheets turned in to Purchasing for tabulation.

12/16/2011 In Review

First evaluation committee (EC) meeting, at which the evaluation process was discussed and the proposals (minus cost proposals) distributed to members of the EC.

11/07/2011 In Review

Six (6) proposals received.

11/07/2011 In Review

Responsiveness reviews concluded; all six proposals responsive.

10/24/2011 Open

The RFP due date was POSTPONED to 11/7/11.

10/18/2011 Open

Addendum #1 and Clarifications #1 were published.

10/06/2011 Open

The pre-submittal meeting was attended by 18 people from 16 companies.

09/26/2011 Open

The RFP advertised. The pre-submittal meeting is scheduled for 10/6/11, with a due date of 10/28/11.

01/03/2011 In Development

This RFP has been in development, off and on, since 2009.

Specification Number: P-11028
Title: Planting & Landscaping Services District Wide
No vendors have downloaded for this bid yet.
Spec. No.: P-11028
Date: 11/7/2011 3:00:00 PM
Title: Planting & Landscaping Services District Wide
Bid Deposit: None
Addendum: 1
Purchasing Contact: Ann Boger
Awardee(s): Moore Landscapes, Inc.

Proposal Register

ProposerDate And Time
Christy Webber & Compay11/7/2011 12:56:00 PM
Clauss Brother, Inc.11/7/2011 1:00:00 PM
Moore Landscapes, Inc.11/7/2011 1:30:00 PM
Landscapes Concept Management, Inc.11/7/2011 1:50:00 PM
City Escape Garden & Design, LLC11/7/2011 2:10:00 PM
KGI Landscaping, Inc.11/7/2011 2:48:00 PM

Note: Proposals are subject to review for completeness, accurary, and compliance with all terms and conditions in the specifications.


Firm NameCategory
Moore Landscapes, Inc.