Contract No. P-11024

Utility Vehicles: Supply & Deliver

Specification Number: P-11024
Title: Utility Vehicles: Supply & Deliver

To purchase and deliver Utility Vehicles

Specification Number: P-11024
Title: Utility Vehicles: Supply & Deliver
Event DateBid StatusDetails
05/06/2011 In Review

Three (3) bids received, opened publicly, and read aloud.
Purchasing commenced responsiveness and compliance review of the three bids received.


05/06/2011 In Review

One bid was found non-responsive: Shorewood Home & Auto submitted a bid on an alternate utility vehicle without first obtaining the required "approved equal" status for the item bid.

One bid was found non-responsible: Chicago United Industries did not submit acceptable proof of financial stability.

The one responsive, responsible bid was from Martin Implement Sales, Inc., and was sent to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for review.


05/10/2011 In Review

DNR found the bid prices of Martin Implement Sales to be fair and reasonable, and will recommend that company for award at the 5/11/11 meeting of the Board of Commissioners.


05/11/2011 Awarded

Board of Commissioners approved award to Martin Implement Sales, Inc.


05/17/2011 Awarded

Received partial of the requested documents from Martin Implement Sales.


05/18/2011 Awarded

Received all necessary documents for contract routing.


06/02/2011 Contracted

Contracts executed signed-off for the Utility Vehicles: Supply and Delivery with Martin Implement Sales.

Specification Number: P-11024
Title: Utility Vehicles: Supply & Deliver
No vendors have downloaded for this bid yet.
Spec. No.: P-11024
Date: 5/6/2011 3:00:00 PM
Title: Utility Vehicles: Supply & Deliver
Bid Deposit: None
Addendum: N/A
Purchasing Contact: Ann Boger

Bid Tabulation

BidderTotal Price
Martin Implement Sales, Inc. $538,720.00
Shorewood Home & Auto, Inc. No Bid
Chicago United Industries, Ltd. No Bid

Note: Bids are subject to review for completeness, accurary, and compliance with all terms and conditions in the bid specifications.


Firm NameCategory
Martin Implement Sales, Inc.