Contract No. P-11065

Osaka Garden Landscape Maintenance

Specification Number: P-11065
Title: Osaka Garden Landscape Maintenance

Request for Proposal for specialized landscape maintenance at Osaka Garden, located near the northern end of Wooded Island, in Jackson Park Lagoon, in Jackson Park, south of the Museum of Science and Industry (approx. 6000 south, 1750 east).   One of the Chicago Park District’s hidden gems, Osaka Garden is a traditional Japanese hillside stroll garden consisting of landscape components carefully designed to symbolically represent specific natural landscapes.  Specialized maintenance (including specialized pruning, tying, bracing, and training techniques, as well as pattern raking and grooming of gravel pathways and other surfaces) is necessary to ensure that the plant material and other garden elements correctly conform to the stylistic conventions of this garden type. 

Specification Number: P-11065
Title: Osaka Garden Landscape Maintenance
Event DateBid StatusDetails
07/10/2012 Awarded

OK from Risk Management.  To General Superintendant for review and signature.

07/06/2012 Awarded

To Risk Management for review and approval of insurance certificates.

07/03/2012 Awarded

Received signed contract from Clauss Bros.

06/26/2012 Awarded

Contract sent to awardee for review and signature.

06/13/2012 Awarded

Awarded to Clauss Brothers, Inc.

05/11/2012 In Review

Third EC meeting, at which cost proposals were discussed, both standing alone and within the context of the proposals submitted.  The lower lump sum price of the two was seen as most reasonable, especially when combined with the extensive targeted experience of that submitting firm, and the EC voted unanimously to recomment that the contract be awarded to that firm at the June meeting of the Board of Commissioners.

05/04/2012 In Review

Second evaluation committee meeting.  Purchasing presents cumulative preliminary scores to EC, and EC discusses strengths and weaknesses of each proposal.  EC unanimously agrees that the preliminary scores accurately reflect their 1-2 ranking of both high-scoring companies.  Purchasing distributes the two cost proposals to the EC, and the third EC meeting, at which those cost proposals will be discussed, is set for 5/11/12.

04/19/2012 In Review

First evaluation committee (EC) meeting, at which proposals were distributed (minus cost proposals) and evaluation criteria were discussed.  Due date for preliminary scores due to Purchasing for tabulation set for 5/2/12.  Second EC meeting scheduled for 5/4/12.

04/06/2012 In Review

Two proposals received.  Both were deemed responsive.  Evaluation committee being formed.

03/23/2012 Open

Two people from two companies attended the pre-submittal meeting.

03/08/2012 In Development

Approval received.  RFP scheduled to advertise Tuesday, March 13.

03/02/2012 In Development

RFP to Chief Operating Officer for review and final approval.

02/27/2012 In Development

Received approvals from Law and HR.

02/24/2012 In Development

RFP distributed to Law, Risk Management, and HR for approvals.

02/22/2012 In Development


02/14/2012 In Development

Draft RFP to Director of Purchasing for review and approval.

02/09/2012 In Development

Delivered draft RFP document to DNR for review and approval.

02/08/2012 In Development

Received maps of work areas from DNR.  Incorporating into document.

01/09/2012 In Development

Received revisions to scope and submittal requirements; incorporating them into document.

12/21/2011 In Development

Received scope of work from the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).  Incorporating into RFP document.

12/15/2011 In Development

Received Request to Develop Project form for Jackson Park - Osaka Garden Landscape Maintenance from the Department of Natural Resources. 

02/10/2011 In Development

Received minor revisions and additions from DNR, along with approval.  All changes incorporated.

Specification Number: P-11065
Title: Osaka Garden Landscape Maintenance
Clauss Brothers, Inc.360 West Schaumburg Rd. StreamwoodIL60107 Natalie Gongaware
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Christy Webber & Company2900 W. Ferdinand St. ChicagoIL60622 Peg Isaacson
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CityEscape Garden & Design LLC3022 West Lake Street ChicagoIL60612 Glenn Nordquist
Tel: 773.638.2000
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Moore Landscapes, Inc.1869 Techny Road Northbrook IL60062 Jim Pearson
Tel: 847-564-9393
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Beverly Environmental LLC16504 S Dixie Hwy MarkhamIL60428 Alex Straughn
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rozcolandscaping inc1921 marigold lane sameHanover parkIL60133 Roberto
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Forest Preserve District of Cook County536 N. N Harlem Ave River ForestIL60305 Pam Sielski
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Little Greener Landscaping411 Arlington Ave ElginIL60120 Jose Espinosa
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Prime bVendor Inc.4622 Cedar Avenue WilmingtonNC28403 Laurie Melnick
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Progressive Industries, Inc.2733 N. Pulaski Ave ChicagoIL60639 Valerie O'Donnell
Tel: 773-763-9566
Fax: 773-763-9587
Spec. No.: P-11065
Date: 4/6/2012 3:00:00 PM
Title: Osaka Garden Landscape Maintenance
Bid Deposit: None
Addendum: 0
Purchasing Contact: Ann C. Boger
Awardee(s): Clauss Brothers, Inc.

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ProposerDate And Time
Clauss Brothers, Inc.4/6/2012 11:47:00 AM
Moore Landscapes, Inc.4/6/2012 1:32:00 PM

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