Contract No. P-12038

Rapid Response Tree Services

Specification Number: P-12038
Title: Rapid Response Tree Services

RFP for Rapid Response Tree Services.  The CPD manages an urban forest of some 250,000 trees.  Storm events and disease outbreaks can cause extensive tree damage or loss, either of which can overwhelm our in-house forestry staff.  To minimize such effects and reduce the risk to public safety, appropriate responses must take place as soon as possible after these occurrences.  Therefore, we are inviting the submission of proposals for rapid-response tree services at any CPD location.  All CPD locations are within the limits of the City of Chicago.

There will be primarily three types of work:  (1) storm-related tree damage response services, (2) Dutch elm disease control services, and (3) tree and woody plant health-related services.  The eventual awardee(s) must be prepared to have a project manager available to the CPD via cell phone on a 24-hour, 7-day-a-week basis, and an appropriate crew (or crews) ready to start work withinn 12 to 24 hours of emergency notification. 

Specification Number: P-12038
Title: Rapid Response Tree Services
Event DateBid StatusDetails
08/10/2012 In Development

Request to Develop Project (RDP) form received in Purchasing.

08/13/2012 In Development

Advanced Buyer assigned to the project.  Draft outline of scope included with RDP.  Awaiting developed scope of work and technical specifications.

09/26/2012 In Development

Received developed scope, technical specifications, and pricing pages from DNR.  Integrating them into RFP document.

11/21/2012 In Development

Draft RFP to Natural Resources for review and approval.

12/05/2012 In Development

Received minor revisions and approval from DNR.

12/10/2012 In Development

Revisions incorporated and RFP submitted to Director of Purchasing for review.

01/04/2013 In Development

On hold for discussion of different solicitation method.

03/05/2013 In Development

OK to go ahead as RFP.

03/15/2013 In Development

Advertised.  Pre-submittal meeting set for 3/28, due date for 4/15.

03/28/2013 Open

Five (5) companies attended the pre-submittal meeting.

04/15/2013 In Review

Three (3) proposals were received.  They were reviewed for responsiveness, and all three were found to be responsive, responsible, and MBE/WBE compliant.

04/30/2013 In Review

First evaluation committee (EC) meeting.  Evaluation criteria were discussed and proposals (minus cost proposals) were distributed for merit review and scoring.  Discussion of a tentative schedule for additional meetings..

05/13/2013 In Review

Second EC meeting.  Ranked scores from merit review were presented to the committee.  Strengths and weaknesses of all three firms were discussed.  Them, cost proposals were distributed for review and scoring.

06/24/2013 In Review

Third EC meeting, at which the combined (merit + cost) scores were presented to the committee, which was followed by a discussion of each company's strengths and weaknesses as revealed by the combined score.  The EC decided to interview all three companies, primarily to clarify some parts of the submitted cost proposals.

07/10/2013 In Review

All three companies were interviewed.  Each agreed to submit a revised cost proposal based on their discussions with the EC that day.  After the last (3rd) interview, the EC met to discuss the firms in the light of the interviews, reserving the final decision until the revised cost proposals were received, but agreeing unanimously that all three firms should be awarded contracts in two of the three categories (1- storm damage, and  2- tree and woody plant health-related services, primarily for an epidemic of Emerald Ash Borers).  while one company -- the most experienced in the field -- would also be awarded in the category dealing with the treatment of Dutch elm disease.

08/14/2013 Awarded

At the regular monthly meeting of the Board of Comissioners, The Care of Trees, Inc., was awarded a contract in all three categories, and both Nature's Trees, Inc. and Winkler's Tree and Landscaping were each awarded contracts in two categories. 

11/08/2013 Contracted

Contracts executed with all three companies.

Specification Number: P-12038
Title: Rapid Response Tree Services
Alvarez, Inc.15N497 Old Sutton Rd. BarringtonIL60010 Christina Alvarez
Tel: 847-551-1105
Fax: 847-551-1109
CUI53 W. Jackson Blvd 815ChicagoIL60604 Monica Herrera
Tel: 312-786-1471
Fax: 312-786-1026
Chicago Park District541 N. Fairbanks Ct. 6th FloorChicagoIL60611 Barb Wood
Tel: (312) 742-4679
Prime bVendor Inc.4622 Cedar Avenue WilmingtonNC28403 Laurie Melnick
Tel: 800-746-9554
Fax: 800-746-8307
J. PRENDER SERVICES INC.8401 S. Mackinaw Ave. ChicagoIL60617 John Prendergast
Tel: 773-908-5283
Landscape Concepts Management, Inc.31745 N. Alleghany Road GrayslakeIL60030 Rebeca Zimmerman
Tel: 8472233800
Fax: 8472230169
Clean Cut Tree Service, Inc.31064 N IL Route 83 GrayslakeIL60030 Kelly Kelly
Tel: 847-265-0000
Fax: 847-265-0005
Winkler's Tree & Landscaping,P.O. Box 1154 LaGrange ParkIL60526 Vince Winkler
Tel: 7085441219
The Care of Trees340 North Hoyne Ave ChicagoIL60612 Clayton Ruyle
Tel: 312-492-7206
Fax: 312-492-7210
TruGreen 525 Busse Highway Park Ridge IL60068 Anthony Dombrowski
Tel: 847-318-9770 #2
Fax: 847-318-9778
Black Dog Corp3729 N Ravenswood suite 116-117 ChicagoIL60613 Amit
Tel: 7736174104
Fax: 773-303-8833
Kinnucan Company28877 Nagel Ct. Lake BluffIL60044 TJ Blockhus
Tel: 847-234-5327
Fax: 847-234-3260
Nature's Trees Inc. DBA Autumn-Savatree3520 Commercial Ave NorthbrookIL60062 Phillip Fitch
Tel: 847 729-1963
Fax: 847 729-1966
Nels Johnson Tree Experts912 Pitner Avenue EvanstonIL60202 Dean Vasquez
Tel: 847-475-1877
Fax: 847-475-0037
Trees "R" Us, IncPO Box 6014 WaucondaIL60084 Nick Willis
Tel: 8479139069
Fax: 8474873753
Bartlett Tree Experts1960 Old Willow Rd. NorthbrookIL60062 Erik S. Grossnickle
Tel: 847-559-9424
Fax: 847-559-9423
Kramer Tree Specialists, Inc.300 Charles Court West ChicagoIL60185 Tim Rickerson
Tel: 6302935444
Fax: 630-293-7667
McGinty Bros3744 E Cuba Rd Long GroveIL60047 Adam
Tel: 8474385161
Fax: 8474381883
McFarlane Douglass & Companies143 Tower Drive Burr RidgeIL60527 Susan Hendrickson
Tel: 630-222-1310
superior construction groupP.O. Box 776, Hillside, Illinois 60162 5228 W. MonroeChicagoIL60644 Melody Jackson
Tel: (708) 715-0081
Purchasing Department541 N. Fairbanks ChicagoIL60611 Purchasing Department
Tel: 312-742-5380
Fax: 312-742-5326
Spec. No.: P-12038
Date: 4/15/2013 3:00:00 PM
Title: Rapid Response Tree Services
Bid Deposit: None
Addendum: 1
Purchasing Contact: Ann C. Boger
Awardee(s): Care of Trees
Nature's Trees
Winkler's Tree and Landscaping

Proposal Register

ProposerDate And Time
Winklers Tree & Landscaping, Inc.4/10/2013 2:05:00 PM
The Care of Trees, Inc.4/15/2013 1:43:00 PM
Savatree / SavaLawn / Autumn Tree Care4/15/2013 2:18:00 PM

Note: Proposals are subject to review for completeness, accurary, and compliance with all terms and conditions in the specifications.


Firm NameCategory
Care of Trees  
Nature's Trees  
Winkler's Tree and Landscaping