Past Solicitations Details

Specification Number: P-11062
Title: Power Rodding and Sewer Cleaning Services - District Wide

The CPD is soliciting bids for sewer power rodding services.  The CPD will designate sewer segments to be cleaned, inspected, and rehabilitated.  The designated work may include the removal of debris from existing sanitary sewers. 

The awardee shall utilize the following methods for inspection and cleaning, as needed: bucketing or scraping; high pressure jetting water with necessary root cutters to clean the sewers; television scan for 4"-12" diameter pipe; television scan for 4"-12" diameter pipe flushing; and jetting/vacuuming/high-pressure combination, plus disposal. 

At all times, the awardee and any subcontractors called for services under the contract shall be prepared with (at least) a combination truck (accompanied by both large and small hoses), vacuum / rodder, at least 200 feet of flex hose, and both 6" and 8" tree root cutters. 

Purchasing Contact: Trish Melchert
Contact Email:
Due Date/Time: 03/29/2012 3:00 PM, CST
Type: Bid Tabulation
Status: Contracted
Contract Document(s): Anchor Mechanical Contract
Bid Document(s):