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Thanks for a great event! Hope everyone enjoyed as much as we did.  See you next year.

Theater on the Lake

Fullerton and Lake Shore Drive

info: 773.262.8658 or 312.742.7994

purchase your tickets at the door [cash or credit] or online until 5p.m. at 

FREE parking at Diversey Harbor parking lot [Fullerton and Cannon] or paid lot at Lincoln Park Zoo lot or metered.

Sitting feet away from the water of Lake Michigan, 13 Terrors, takes place in what used to be a sanitarium and today is known as Theater on the Lake. The popular lakefront theater venue is transformed into an eerie, haunted house that is taken over by evil clowns, ghosts, monsters and more. Visitors will get turned around in the mirror maze and get off balance in the spinning vortex, so you better watch your back!

This is the third year of 13 terrors. 13 Terrors is produced by same creative team that put together Trail of Terror at Peterson Park for 12 years prior to this event.

Recommended for ages: 8 & over.

Info: Call 773.262.8658 or 312.742.7994.

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