Archery Ranges

Discover your inner Robin Hood.  Take advantage of these ranges to learn the sport of archery for the first time, or to perfect your current skills.

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Hamilton Park Archery Range

Hamilton Park Archery Range

Location Notes: 513 W. 72nd St.

Park: Hamilton Park

Park Phone: (312) 747-6174

Descriptors: Outdoor

Lincoln Park Archery Range

Lincoln Park Archery Range

Location Notes: east of Belmont Harbor/south of Bill Jarvis Bird Sanctuary.

Park: Lincoln Park

Park Phone: (312) 742-7726

Notes: Lincoln Park Archery Club

Descriptors: Indoor

Russell Square Fieldhouse

Russell Square Fieldhouse

Location Notes: 3045 E. 83rd Street

Park: Russell Square Park

Park Phone: (312) 747-6651


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