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Beginning in the 1940’s with the Rainbow Beach Victory Garden, Chicago has become home to hundreds of community gardens, many of which can be found in parks across the city.  The practice of community gardening, whether inspired by the desire to transform outdoor space or contribute to healthier lifestyles, is now deeply rooted in modern culture. Gardens have become more than plots of land on which community members can grow fresh produce or contribute to the aesthetics of the park through beautiful ornamental landscapes. They also provide an opportunity to connect with the natural environment and the neighborhood, as a place outside of work and home where a person can find respite from their daily routines, cultivating the soil and their own well-being.

Chicago Park District’s Community Gardens in the Parks program, with the generous support of People’s Gas, provides guidance, support and resources to nearly 70 community garden groups across the city. From helping maintain beautifully landscaped perennial beds to managing your own plot of vegetables, there are a wide range of opportunities available for those who wish to become involved in Chicago’s vibrant gardening movement. 
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Interested in starting a new garden in your park? New gardens require careful planning and must be registered with the Chicago Park District. Learn more about the process to start a new garden.



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Arcade Park11132 S. St. LawrenceOrnamental1 
Ashe Beach Park2701 E. 74th St.Ornamental1Community Garden
Chase Park4701 N. Ashland Ave.Edible1Community Garden
Chicago Women's Park and Gardens1801 S. Indiana  1Community Garden
Churchill Field Playlot Park1825 N. Damen Ave.Ornamental1Community Garden
Claremont Playlot Park2334 W. Flournoy St.Ornamental1Community Garden
Clarendon Park Community Center4501 N. Clarendon Ave.Edible1Community Garden
Clark (Richard) Playlot Park3400 N. Rockwell St.Ornamental1Community Garden
Commercial Club Playground1845 W. Rice St. 0 
Dean Playground Park1344 N. Dean St. 0 
Dubkin Playlot Park7442 N. Ashland Ave.Edible1Community Garden
Eckhart Park1330 W. Chicago Ave. 0 
Elm Park5215 S. Woodlawn Ave.Ornamental1Community Garden
Eugene Field Park5100 N. Ridgeway Ave.Edible1Community Garden
Flower (Lucy) Playlot Park2554 W. Moffat St.Edible1Community Garden
Goldberg Playlot Park7043 N. Glenwood Ave.Ornamental1Community Garden
Golden Gate Park13000 S. Eberhart Ave.Ornamental1Community Garden
Green Briar Park2650 W. Peterson Ave.Ornamental1Community Garden
Harrison Park1824 S. Wood St.Ornamental1Community Garden
Humboldt Park1400 N. Sacramento Ave.Edible1Community Garden
Indian Boundary Park2500 W. Lunt Ave.Ornamental1Community Garden
Jackson Park6401 S. Stony Island Ave.Edible1Community Garden run by Growing Power
Kelly Playlot Park3800 N. Seminary Ave.Ornamental1Community Garden
Ken-Well Park2945 N. Kenosha Ave. Ornamental1Community Garden
Kenwood Community Park1330 E. 50th St.Edible1Community Garden run by Common Threads
Kenwood Community Park1330 E. 50th St.Ornamental1Community Garden
Kilbourn Park3501 N. Kilbourn Ave 1Community and Childrens Garden
Lake Meadows Park3117 S. Rhodes Ave.Ornamental1Community Garden
Lake Shore Park808 N. Lake Shore Dr.Ornamental2Community Garden
Lincoln Parkat Berwyn and SheridanEdible1Community Garden
Lincoln ParkEdgewater MeadowsOrnamental1Community Garden
Loyola Park1200 W. Morse Ave. Ornamental1Community Garden - Loyola Hedge Garden
Loyola Park1200 W. Morse Ave.Ornamental1Community Garden - Morse Ave. Circles
Lunt Playlot Park2239 W. Lunt Ave.Ornamental1Community Garden
Maplewood Playlot Park1640 N. MaplewooodOrnamental1Community Garden
Margate Park Fieldhouse4921 N. Marine Dr. Ornamental1Community Garden
Marquette Park6734 S. KedzieEdible1Community Garden
Mayfair Park4550 W. Sunnyside Ave.Ornamental1Community Garden
McKiernan Playground Park10417 S. Sawyer Ave.Ornamental1Community Garden
Mt. Greenwood Park3721 W. 111th St.Ornamental1Community Garden
Neighbors Garden Playlot Park2533 N. Sacramento Ave.Ornamental1Community Garden
Nichols Park1300 E. 55th St. Ornamental1 Community Garden
O'Hallaren Park8335 S. Honore St.Ornamental1Community Garden
Oz Park2021 N. Burling St.Ornamental1Community Garden
Park No. 5141420 N. Monticello Ave.Ornamental1Community Garden
Park No. 520916 N. Honore St.Ornamental1Community Garden
Piotrowski Park4247 W. 31st St.Ornamental1Community Garden
Rainbow Beach Park3111 E. 77th St.Edible1Community Garden
Rutherford Sayre Park6871 W. Belden Ave.Ornamental1Community Garden
Schreiber Playground Park1552 W. Schreiber Ave. Edible1Community Garden
Senn Playlot Parkat Thorndale and GreenviewOrnamental1Community Garden
Senn Playlot Park1519 W. Thorndale Ave.Edible1Community Garden
Shedd Park3660 W. 23rd St.Ornamental1Community Garden
Skinner Park1331 W. MonroeOrnamental1Community Garden
Snowberry Playlot Park1851 W. Huron St.Edible1Community Garden
South Shore Cultural Center7059 S. South Shore Dr.Ornamental1Community Garden
Tilton Park305 N.Kostner Ave.Ornamental1Community Garden
Trebes Park2250 N. Clifton AveOrnamental1Community Garden
Triangle Playlot Park7700 N. Hermitage Ave.Ornamental1Community Garden
Unity Playlot Park2636 N. KimballOrnamental1Community Garden
Warren Park6601 N. Western Ave.Ornamental1Community Garden
Wicker Park1425 N. Damen Ave.Ornamental1Community Garden