Developing a New Community Garden



The Chicago Park District helps to promote and expand the greening efforts in our city by providing valuable outdoor space where communities can garden together. Building the foundation for a successful community garden is a long-term responsibility which requires community support and dedicated, ongoing commitment by all members of your gardening group. 

Ornamental gardens are typically characterized by shared plots of land where groups divide the responsibility of tending and weeding. Vegetable gardens are more often divided into allotment plots assigned each season to gardeners, or shared space where members are responsible for working together and sharing equally in the fruits of their labor.

All gardens in parks are and will continue to be public property. While the Community Gardens in the Parks program continues to support efforts to reduce unnecessary vandalism or theft, we cannot guarantee that any garden is free from the risk.

You may find it helpful to read through the Manual for Development (link) before beginning.  In order to form a new community garden with the Chicago Park District, the following documents are necessary: