Fountains, Monuments, Sculptures & Statues

Chicago's parks are the settings for a world-class collection of nearly 200 fountains, monuments, and sculptures. These range from historic sculptures of famous people including Abraham Lincoln, Alexander von Humboldt, and William Shakespeare to some of the nation's most exciting new works of art such as Agora in Grant Park and Millennium Park's Cloudgate, dubbed "The Bean." Some of the lesser known artworks are like hidden treasures in the parks. An example is the Darius and Girenas Memorial, a sleek Art Deco style monument in Marquette Park dedicated to two Lithuanian-American pilots who died during an attempt to fly from New York to Lithuania in 1933. Other artworks, such as the Clarence Buckingham Memorial Fountain or the Lions in front of the Art Institute, are so well-known and appreciated that they have become symbols of Chicago. Some of America's most beloved artists have contributed to Chicago's park system. Gutzon Borglum, sculptor of the presidential memorial in Mount Rushmore created Lincoln Park's John Peter Altgeld and General Philip Henry Sheridan monuments. Daniel Chester French, the artist of the Abraham Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. produced several Chicago sculptures including The Statue of the Republic in Jackson Park.

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Legion Fountain, Monument Sculpture

Legion Fountain, Monument Sculpture

Location Notes: 3100 W. Bryn Mawr Ave.

Park: Legion Park

Park Phone: (312) 742-7516

Notes: Fountain

Marquette Fountains, Monuments, Sculptures

Marquette Fountains, Monuments, Sculptures

Location Notes: California & Kedzie

Park: Marquette Park

Park Phone: (312) 747-6469

Ronan Fountain, Monuments, Sculptures

Ronan Fountain, Monuments, Sculptures

Location Notes: 3000 W. Argyle

Park: Ronan Park

Park Phone: (312) 742-7516

Notes: Sculptures located off Lawrence Entrance

Washington Fountains, Monuments, Sculptures

Washington Fountains, Monuments, Sculptures

Location Notes: 5531 S. King Dr.

Park: Washington Park

Park Phone: (773) 256-1248

Notes: Fountain of Time Sculpture

Welles Gazebo

Welles Gazebo

Location Notes: 2333 W. Sunnyside Ave.

Park: Welles Park

Park Phone: (312) 742-7511

Notes: Gazebo

Wicker Ornamental Fountain

Wicker Ornamental Fountain

Location Notes: 1425 N. Damen Avenue Chicago IL 60622

Park: Wicker Park

Park Phone: (312) 742-7553


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You can learn more about the Chicago Park District's remarkable collection of permanent public art through this web-based guide. If you find inaccuracies, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to update this information.

Please note: The Chicago Park District owns and holds copyright to all of the photography unless otherwise noted. Most of the historic photos are from the Chicago Park District Special Collections (CPD Special Collections).

Park Adobe Acrobat Document
Arrigo Park Christopher Columbus and Fountain
Bixler Playlot Park Phil Richman Fountain
Burnham Park American Doughboy
Burnham Park Balbo Monument
Burnham Park Chicago Firefighter Paramedic Memorial
Burnham Park Gold Star Families Memorial and Park
Burnham Park Mermaid
Burnham Park Soldier Field Children's Garden
Burnham Park Special Olympics Memorial
Burnham Park Tribute to Freedom
Burnham Park Tribute to George Halas
Burnham Park Wallach Fountain
Canal Origins Park Canal Cut Artwork
Chicago Women's Park and Garden Botanical Gardens Fountain
Chicago Women's Park and Garden Jane Addams Memorial
Commercial Club Park Playground Art
Connors Park Connors Park Fountain and Pergola
Cornell Square Paul Cornell Bust
Dearborn Park Alchemy-Birds and Stone
Fuller Park Fountain
Fuller Park Melville W. Fuller Bust
Garfield Park Administration Building Interior Panels
Garfield Park Bulls with Maidens
Garfield Park Conservatory Entrance Fountain
Garfield Park Lincoln the Rail-splitter
Garfield Park Norman Cornwall Memorial
Garfield Park Pastoral and Idyl
Garfield Park Persian Pool
Garfield Park Robert Burns Memorial
Garfield Park Zellij Fountain
Garibaldi Park Giuseppi Garibaldi Monument
Gompers Park Samuel Gompers Monument
Goudy Square Park Turtle Fountain
Grant Park 8th Street Fountain
Grant Park A. Montgomery Ward Bust
Grant Park Abraham Lincoln, Head of State
Grant Park Agora
Grant Park Artists and Automobiles
Grant Park Big Beaver Totem Pole
Grant Park Central Station Fragments
Grant Park Chicago Stock Exchange Arch
Grant Park Christopher Columbus
Grant Park Clarence Buckingham Memorial Fountain
Grant Park Core-loc Armoring Devices
Grant Park Cubi VII
Grant Park Eagle Fountains
Grant Park Equestrian Indians
Grant Park Federal Building Columns
Grant Park Flying Dragon
Grant Park Fountain Figures
Grant Park Fountain of the Great Lakes
Grant Park In Celebration of the 200th Anniversary of the Founding of the Republic
Grant Park John Alexander Logan Monument
Grant Park Large Interior Form
Grant Park Lions
Grant Park Magdalene
Grant Park Man with Fish
Grant Park Olmec Head
Grant Park Paris Metro Entryway
Grant Park Reading Cones
Grant Park Rosenberg Fountain
Grant Park Sir Georg Solti Bust
Grant Park Spirit of Music
Harrison Park Emiliano Zapata Bust
Heritage Green Park Grainne
Horner Park Governor Henry Horner Memorial
Humboldt Park Alexander Von Humboldt Monument
Humboldt Park Fritz Reuter
Humboldt Park Home
Humboldt Park Interpreting Nature
Humboldt Park Leif Ericson Monument
Humboldt Park World's Fair Bison
Indian Boundary Park City Hall Keystone
Indian Boundary Park Wind Harp
Jackson Park Statue of the Republic
Jonquil Park Eagle Columns
Kennedy Park Korean War Memorial
Kennedy Park Playground Art
Dr. Martin Luther King Park Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Bust
Lake Park Crescent (Park 531) Restoration
Legion Park Legion Park Gateway Plaza Fountain
Lincoln Park A Signal of Peace
Lincoln Park Abraham Lincoln The Man
Lincoln Park Alexander Hamilton Monument
Lincoln Park Benjamin Franklin Monument
Lincoln Park Chess Pavilion
Lincoln Park Chicago Fire Relic
Lincoln Park Children's Fountain
Lincoln Park City Hall Relic
Lincoln Park Couch Tomb
Lincoln Park Cummings Playground Art
Lincoln Park Curve XXII
Lincoln Park Dr. Jose Rizal
Lincoln Park Eli Bates Fountain
Lincoln Park Emanuel Swedenborg Memorial
Lincoln Park Fountain Girl
Lincoln Park Garden Figure
Lincoln Park General Philip Henry Sheridan Monument
Lincoln Park Goddess of Youth
Lincoln Park Greene Vardiman Black
Lincoln Park Hans Christian Anderson
Lincoln Park Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller Monument
Lincoln Park John Peter Altgeld Monument
Lincoln Park Kwa-Ma-Rolas
Lincoln Park Margate Park Playground
Lincoln Park Monument to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Lincoln Park Putnam Chain
Lincoln Park Richard Oglesby Monument
Lincoln Park Robert Cavelier de La Salle Monument
Lincoln Park Roscoe Playground
Lincoln Park The Alarm
Lincoln Park Ulysses S. Grant Memorial
Lincoln Park William C. Niesen Memorial Fountain
Lincoln Park William Shakespeare Monument
Lincoln Park Zoo Bushman's Head
Lincoln Park Zoo East Gate Arch
Lincoln Park Zoo Elephant Drinking Fountain
Lincoln Park Zoo Eugene Field Memorial
Lincoln Park Zoo For the Young at Heart
Lincoln Park Zoo Gorilla
Lincoln Park Zoo Heron
Lincoln Park Zoo Limestone Lion
Lincoln Park Zoo Lion Fountain
Lincoln Park Zoo Lowland Gorilla Family
Lincoln Park Zoo Mother and Baby Pygmy Hippo
Lincoln Park Zoo Old Fishing Hole
Lincoln Park Zoo Pathfinders
Lincoln Park Zoo Polar Bear
Lincoln Park Zoo Rabbit and Butterfly
Lincoln Park Zoo Rites of Spring
Lincoln Park Zoo Seal and Sea Lion
Lincoln Park Zoo Siblings
Lincoln Park Zoo Sunform
Lincoln Park Zoo The Lesson
Logan Boulevard Skate Park Silversurf Gate
Loyola Park Windform
Mariano Park Botanical Gardens Fountain
Marquette Park Darius and Girenas Memorial
Merrimac Park Veterans' Memorial
McKinley Park William McKinley Monument
Mid-North Park Fountain
Midway Plaisance Carl von Linne Monument
Midway Plaisance Cheney-Goode Memorial
Midway Plaisance Thomas Garrigue Masaryk Monument
Millennium Park Cloud Gate
Millennium Park Crown Fountain
Millennium Park Millennium Monument
Millennium Park Spheres Heliosphere, Biosphere, Technosphere
Merrimac Park Veterans' Memorial
Monument Park World War I Monument
Mount Greenwood Park Playground Art
Nichols Park Bird of Peace
Nichols Park North Fountain
Nichols Park South Fountain
Northerly Island America's Courtyard
Northerly Island Daphne Garden
Northerly Island Karel Havlicek Monument
Northerly Island Man Enters the Cosmos
Northerly Island Nicolaus Copernicus Monument
Northerly Island Spiral Galaxy
Northerly Island Thaddeus Kosciuszko Monument
Ogden Park WWII Memorial Drinking Fountain
Ogden Plaza Park Floor Clock II
Jesse Owens Park Playground Art
Oz Park Cowardly Lion
Oz Park Dorothy and Toto
Oz Park Scarecrow
Oz Park Tin Man
Palmer Square Park Velveteen Rabbit Playground Art
Palmisano (Stearns Quarry) Park Stearns Quarry Fountain
Park 474 Man on a Bench
Ping Tom Park Ping Tom Bust
Rainbow Beach Park 50th Anniversary of the Rainbow Division WWII
Renaissance Park Sculptural Fountain
Seneca Park Ben
Senn Park The Young Lincoln
Skinner Park Playground Dragon
Sun Yat-Sen Park Sun Yat-Sen Portrait Bust and Fountain
Touhy Park The Receptor
Trumbull Park WWII Memorial Fountain
Union Park Carter Harrison Memorial
Union Park James Connolly Monument
Warren Park Circle of Nature
Washington Park Drexel Fountain
Washington Park Fountain of Time
Washington Park George Washington Monument
Washington Park Gotthold Ephraim Lessing Monument
Washington Park Spirit of DuSable Series
Washington Park Washington Park Playground Art
Harold Washington Park Ecstasy
A. Montgomery Ward Park Commemorative Ground Ring
Washington Square McCormick Fountain
West Pullman Park WWII War Memorial
Wicker Park Charles Gustavus Wicker
Wicker Park Gurgoyle Fountain

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