Outdoor recreation is recognized by early childhood educators as a critical foundation for the future learning of our young children. More than just a place to play, playgrounds also support physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of our young children. Many Chicago Park District playgrounds feature colorful elements, soft surfacing and accessible play equipment for children of all ages and abilities.

Chicago Plays Playground Renovation Project

Launched by Mayor Emanuel and the Chicago Park District in March 2013, the new “Chicago Plays” Playground Program is a five-year playground renovation project. The program targets the replacement of equipment at over 300 aging playgrounds throughout the city. The Chicago Park District is working with Park Advisory Councils and the Friends of the Parks closely in the implementation of this program.

Reference the notes column in the list below to see the playgrounds renovated thus far.

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Abbott Playground

Abbott PlaygroundAccessible

Location Notes: 49 E. 95th St.

Park: Abbott Park

Park Phone: (312) 747-6001

Notes: Renovated Fall 2013, Chicago Plays! Renovation Program

Ada Playground

Ada Playground

Location Notes: 11250 S. Ada St.

Park: Ada Park

Park Phone: (312) 747-6002

Notes: Chicago Plays Renovation - Fall 2013

Adams Playground

Adams Playground Accessible

Location Notes: 1919 N. Seminary Ave.

Park: Adams Playground Park

Park Phone: (312) 742-7787

Aiello Playground

Aiello PlaygroundAccessible

Location Notes: 2133 N. McVicker Ave

Park: Aiello Playlot Park

Park Phone: (312) 746-5363

Algonquin Playground

Algonquin PlaygroundAccessible

Location Notes: 2941 N. Washtenaw Ave.

Park: Algonquin Playlot Park

Park Phone: (312) 478-2414

Altgeld Playground

Altgeld Playground

Location Notes: 515 S. Washtenaw Ave.

Park: Altgeld Park

Park Phone: (312) 746-5001

Amundsen Playground

Amundsen PlaygroundAccessible

Location Notes: 6200 W. Bloomingdale Ave.

Park: Amundsen Park

Park Phone: (312) 746-5003

Anderson Playground

Anderson Playground

Location Notes: 3748 S. Prairie Ave.

Park: Anderson Playground Park

Park Phone: (312) 747-6007

Notes: Renovated Summer 2014- Chicago Plays! Renovation Program

Andersonville Playlot Playground

Andersonville Playlot Playground

Location Notes: 5233 N. Ashland Ave.

Park: Andersonville Playlot Park

Park Phone: (312) 742.5101

Archer Playground

Archer Playground

Location Notes: 4901 S. Kilbourn Ave.

Park: Archer Park

Park Phone: (773) 284-7029

Armour Square Playground

Armour Square PlaygroundAccessible

Location Notes: 3309 S. Shields Ave.

Park: Armour Square Park

Park Phone: (312) 747-6012

Notes: Chicago Plays Renovation - Fall 2013



Location Notes: 4433 S. St. Lawrence Ave

Park: Armstrong Park

Park Phone: (312) 747-7138

Notes: Chicago Plays Renovation - Fall 2013

Arnita Young Boswell Playground

Arnita Young Boswell Playground

Location Notes: 6644 S. University Ave.

Park: Arnita Young Boswell Park

Park Phone: (773) 256-0904

Ashe Beach Playground

Ashe Beach PlaygroundAccessible

Location Notes: 2701 E. 74th St.

Park: Ashe Beach Park

Park Phone: (312) 745-1479

Notes: Chicago Plays Renovation - Fall 2013

Ashmore Playlot Playground

Ashmore Playlot Playground

Location Notes: 4807 W Gunnison St

Park: Ashmore Playlot Park

Park Phone: (773) 685-3316



Location Notes: 4433 S. St. Lawrence Ave

Park: Aspen Playlot Park

Park Phone: (312) 747-7661

Aster  Playground

Aster Playground

Location Notes: 4639 N. Kenmore Ave.

Park: Aster Playlot Park

Park Phone: (312) 742-7518

Notes: Chicago Plays Renovation - Fall 2013

Athletic Field Playground

Athletic Field PlaygroundAccessible

Location Notes: 3546 W. Addison St.

Park: Athletic Field Park

Park Phone: (773) 478-2889

Augusta Playground

Augusta Playground

Location Notes: 4433 W. Augusta Blvd.

Park: Augusta Park

Park Phone: (312) 742-7544

Austin Playground

Austin Playground

Location Notes: 5951 W. Lake St

Park: Austin Park

Park Phone: (773) 287-7658

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