Outdoor recreation is recognized by early childhood educators as a critical foundation for the future learning of our young children. More than just a place to play, playgrounds also support physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of our young children. Many Chicago Park District playgrounds feature colorful elements, soft surfacing and accessible play equipment for children of all ages and abilities.

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On Saturday, October 15, 2016, we celebrated the completion of Mayor Emanuel's Chicago Plays! Program, which built or renoavted 327 playgrounds over the last four years.  Learn more about this accomplishment.  
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Total of 517 facilities.

Eckersall Playground

Eckersall PlaygroundAccessible

Location (Park): 2400 E. 82nd St.

Park: Eckersall Playground Park

Park: (312) 747-6651

Descriptors: Engineered Wood Fiber Surface

Eckhart Playground

Eckhart PlaygroundAccessible

Location (Park): 1330 W. Chicago Ave.

Park: Eckhart Park

Park: (312) 746-5490

Notes: Renovated Summer 2014- Chicago Plays! Renovation Program

Descriptors: Rubberized Surface

Edison Playground

Edison PlaygroundAccessible

Location (Park): 6755 N. Northwest Hwy.

Park: Edison Park

Park: (773) 631-3988

Notes: Renovated Winter 2015, Chicago Plays! Renovation Program

Descriptors: Engineered Wood Fiber Surface

Edmonds Playlot Park Playground

Edmonds Playlot Park PlaygroundAccessible

Location (Park): 711 W. 60th Pl.

Park: Edmonds Playlot Park

Park: (312) 747-6572

Descriptors: Engineered Wood Fiber Surface

Ehrler Playlot Playground

Ehrler Playlot PlaygroundAccessible

Location (Park): 2230 W. Cortland St.

Park: Ehrler Park

Park: (312) 742-7769

Descriptors: Rubberized Surface

Ellen Gates Starr Playground

Ellen Gates Starr PlaygroundAccessible

Location (Park): 2306 W. Maypole Ave.

Park: Ellen Gates Starr Park

Park: (312) 746-5560

Notes: Renovated Fall 2016, Chicago Plays! Renovation Program

Descriptors: Engineered Wood Fiber Surface

Ellis Playground

Ellis PlaygroundAccessible

Location (Park): 3520 S. Cottage Grove Ave.

Park: Ellis (Samuel) Park

Park: (773) 285-7099

Descriptors: Rubberized Surface

Elston Playground

Elston PlaygroundAccessible

Location (Park): 3451 N. Troy St.

Park: Elston Playlot Park

Park: (773) 478-2414

Notes: Renovated Summer 2015, Chicago Plays! Renovation Program

Descriptors: Engineered Wood Fiber Surface

Emmerson Playground

Emmerson PlaygroundAccessible

Location Notes:

Park: Emmerson Park

Park: (773) 761-0433

Descriptors: Engineered Wood Fiber Surface

Essex Playlot Playground

Essex Playlot PlaygroundAccessible

Location (Park): 7687 S. Chicago Ave.

Park: Essex Playlot Park

Park: (312) 747-6709

Notes: Chicago Plays! Renovation, Spring 2015

Descriptors: Rubberized Surface

Euclid Playground

Euclid PlaygroundAccessible

Location (Park): 9800 S. Parnell Ave.

Park: Euclid Park

Park: (312) 747-6124

Notes: Renovated Fall 2013, Chicago Plays Renovation

Descriptors: Engineered Wood Fiber Surface

Evergreen Playlot Playground

Evergreen Playlot PlaygroundAccessible

Location (Park): 631 W. Belmont Ave.

Park: Evergreen Park

Park: (312) 742-7802

Descriptors: Rubberized Surface

Fellger Playlot Playground

Fellger Playlot PlaygroundAccessible

Location (Park): 2000 W. Belmont Ave.

Park: Fellger Playlot Park

Park: (312) 742-7785

Descriptors: Rubberized Surface

Fernwood Playground

Fernwood PlaygroundAccessible

Location (Park): 10436 S. Wallace St.

Park: Fernwood Park

Park: (312) 747-6132

Notes: Chicago Play! Renovation, Fall 2013

Descriptors: Engineered Wood Fiber Surface

Eugene Field Playground

Eugene Field PlaygroundAccessible

Location (Park): 5100 N. Ridgeway Ave.

Park: Field (Eugene) Park

Park: (773) 478-9744

Descriptors: Rubberized Surface

Filbert Playlot Playground

Filbert Playlot PlaygroundAccessible

Location (Park): 1822 W. Larchmont Ave.

Park: Filbert Playlot Park

Park: (312) 742-7826

Descriptors: Rubberized Surface

Florian Jacolik Playground

Florian Jacolik PlaygroundAccessible

Location (Park): 2731 S. Eleanor St.

Park: Florian S. Jacolik Park

Park: (312) 747-6515

Descriptors: Engineered Wood Fiber Surface

Flower Playlot Playground

Flower Playlot PlaygroundAccessible

Location (Park): 2554 W. Moffat St.

Park: Flower (Lucy) Playlot Park

Park: (312) 742-7554

Notes: Renovated Summer 2014, Chicago Plays Renovation

Descriptors: Rubberized Surface

Flying Squirrel Playground

Flying Squirrel PlaygroundAccessible

Location (Park): 6600 S. Woodlawn Ave.

Park: Flying Squirrel Playlot Park

Park: (312) 747-7661

Notes: Chicago Plays Renovation - Fall 2013

Descriptors: Engineered Wood Fiber Surface

Forest Glen Playground

Forest Glen PlaygroundAccessible

Location (Park): 5069 W. Berwyn Ave.

Park: Forest Glen Park

Park: (312) 742-7518

Descriptors: Rubberized Surface

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