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Prairies and Grasslands

McCormick Bird Sanctuary Prairie and Grasslands

Prairies are grasslands that are dominated by perennial grasses, sedges and wildflowers. Don’t be fooled, there is much going on below the surface too, with plant roots extending 5–20 feet deep. As the roots die back each fall, they add organic material and naturally fertilize the soil—making prairie soil some of the best in the world. Discover prairies at their prime in the summer.

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Burnham Park4700 S. Lake Shore Drive 1Burnham Nature Sanctuary
Burnham Park2400 S. Lake Shore Drive 1McCormick Bird Sanctuary
Calumet Open Space Reserve2200 E. 103rd St.  1Van Vlissingen Prairie
Canal Origins2701 S. Ashland Ave. 1Canal Origins Park
Columbus Park500 S. Central Ave. 1Columbus Park Golf Course
Douglas Park1401 S. Sacramento Ave. 1Douglas Park Golf Course
Gompers Park4222 W. Foster Ave. 1Gompers Park
Jackson Park6401 S. Stony Island Ave. 1Bobolink Meadow
Jackson Park6401 S. Stony Island Ave. 1Wooded Island
Legion ParkW. Peterson Ave. to W. Foster Ave. the Chicago River 1Legion Park
Lincoln Park4440 N. Lake Shore Dr. 1Marovitz Golf Course
Lincoln ParkMontrose Ave. & Lake Michigan 1Montrose Point
Marquette Park6735 S. Kedzie Ave. 1Ashburn Prairie
Marquette Park6734 S. Kedzie Ave. 1Marquette Park Golf Course
North Park Village Nature Center5801 N. Pulaski Rd.  1 
Northerly Island1400 S. Linn White Dr. 0Northerly Island
Palmisano Park2700 S. Halsted St. 1Palmisano Park
Soldier Field1800 S. Lake Shore Dr. 1Soldier Field
South Shore Cultural Center7059 S. South Shore Dr. 1South Shore Cultural Center
Winnemac Park5001 N. Leavitt St. 1