Wetlands are low-land areas saturated with water for at least part of the year, and dominated by plants that are able to have their “feet wet.” These areas are home to insects, birds and other wildlife and are alive with activity from dawn to dusk.

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Hegewisch Marsh

Hegewisch Marsh

Location Notes: 13200-13298 S. Torrence Ave.

Park: Calumet Open Space Reserve

Park: (773) 646-0210

Notes: Hegewish Marsh

Gompers Wetlands

Gompers Wetlands

Location Notes: 4222 W. Foster Ave.

Park: Gompers Park

Park: (773) 685-3270

Humboldt Wetlands

Humboldt Wetlands

Location Notes: 1200 N. Sacramento Ave.

Park: Humboldt Park

Park: (312) 742-7549


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