Fall Registration Success Continues!


The Chicago Park District’s success continues on day two of fall registration.   More than 10,000 transactions were processed online in today’s first hour, resulting in a total of about 19,000 transactions during the first hour of both days.  This is the first session the Chicago Park District implemented its new two-day registration schedule to accommodate the extremely high volume of patrons registering for park programs.   

Parks located east of California Avenue began registration today.  Parks located west of California Avenue began registration yesterday.  In-person registration begins either Saturday, August 25 or Monday, August 27, depending upon the park. To check when a particular park is beginning in-person registration, click here.

“We are pleased with the success of fall online registration,” said Chicago Park District General Superintendent and CEO Mike Kelly. “Based on the patron feedback, we believe the modifications made to our new system have improved the process for the thousands of families who rely on our programs.”

In addition to the new schedule, significant changes were made to the online registration system by the Chicago Park District’s web vendor.  The vendor has re-engineered the software to better process rush registrations and ran extensive tests to replicate customer activity.

Fall programs run from the week of Sept. 24 to the week of Dec. 3.  View the fall registration web page for more information on these changes.

For more information call 312-742-PLAY.


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