Indian Boundary Park Cultural Center Progress Report


Indian Boundary Park will reopen it doors for January 2014 classes. The renovation of the facility is nearing completion and the staff is busy preparing Sunday in the Park events for January. More details to follow.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Our contractor has been very busy working on the restoration of the Indian Boundary fieldhouse.  Things are moving along nicely and we wanted to share a couple highlights. 

Workers worked through our heat wave and the fieldhouse roof slate tiles have been completely removed. We anticipate installation of the new tiles to begin the last week in September. * The temporary roof has been removed and a new roof has been installed in all affected areas. * All structural steel work has been completed including a new steel I-Beam.

In the interior of the fieldhouse workers are preparing theauditorium and second floor studio space to receive new maple floors. Prep work is also being done in the office and conference room. Historically accurate floor treatment as well as wall color is being discussed by the architects and preservationists. There was minor damage to the wall sculpture in the auditorium and that is being repaired. Lastly, electrical restoration has begun on the first floor.

Again, this is just a quick overview of the work being done.  Lots of details happening to bring the building back to the community. 


The restoration of Indian Boundary Park Cultural Center is set to begin. To keep our neighbors/community members updated on progress of the field house we will generate progress reports as needed.

  • Monday, July 15, 2013

Restoration on the slate roof has begun. More information to follow shortly.

  • June 2013

The Chicago Park District Board of Commissioners approved the full construction project in their May, 2013 meeting. Questions posed by the insurance company on literally hundreds of items are what had been holding up the larger work up to this point. The insurance company has signed off on the scope of work and the larger portion of the project may proceed. The construction contract was awarded to Burling Builders - who you will now see on site as the larger project of full restoration begins. Up to this point, stabilization of the structure has been the focus. Getting plumbing, heating and electrical service restored has been the priority. Now that the Board has fully approved the project’s scope, the larger restoration can begin.

Within the next few weeks you will see heavy machinery arrive on the grounds so that we can begin the task of restoring the slate roof. While much of the roof was saved, on site fabrication of thousands of slate tiles will have to be done. Large sections of the underlayment will also be replaced. Historical accuracy will be paramount to this portion of the project as the original 1929 design included tiles, graduating in size from smaller to larger as they descend the roof.

A vast majority of architecturally historic details from inside the building, wood work, lighting fixtures, landmarked furniture, the grand piano, and archival photos and records, are either with the art restorers or are in secure storage, waiting to be installed in the field house.

Please check the Indian Boundary Park kiosk or Park District website for construction updates concerning your community field house. We will update as work progresses.

Thank you for your support and patience! We look forward to opening this beautiful facility once again to the community.


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