Nature Areas

Nature areas offer Chicago residents and guests a variety of opportunities to discover and appreciate the richness and beauty of nature in its many forms.  There are more than 50 designated nature areas in Chicago parks.  From rich pond life teeming with frogs, herons, and dragonflies, to shrubby areas where migratory birds stop to rest, to lush prairies filled with native grasses and wildflowers, the Park District offers many ways to explore nature in the city’s parks.



Page_5_-_Dune_(if_this_one_works,_if_not,_go_with_original_dune_photo)    DUNES


Lagoons_-_Washington_Park    LAGOONS


Page_8_-_Prairie_-_SSCC    PRAIRIES & GRASSLANDS


Woodland_-_Columbus_Park_FALL    SAVANNAS & WOODLANDS


Wetland_-_Gompers_Park    WETLANDS