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Opera-Matic Presents Free Theater, Music Spectacle at Humboldt Park May 10-11


Chicago’s art/theater/music  group Opera-Matic (Creative Director, Mark Messing, founder of Mucca Pazza) will make its large-scale spectacle debut with a site-specific performance in Humboldt Park, 1440 N. Humboldt Dr., with "New Moon on the Lagoon: Evening Lullaby Parade with Floating Moon and Whale Watching," Friday and Saturday, May 10 and 11, in cooperation with the Chicago Park District.

This performance will draw on the theme of migration and the history of Humboldt Park.  Working with a variety of local community partners, Opera-Matic will activate the paths around the Humboldt Park lagoon with unique beacons of lost light.  Community members are invited to bring family and friends to watch a whale who can’t move from its spot, track a lost moon who can’t stay awake, and blink a S.O.S. to a zeppelin pilot stranded without flight, join a Lullaby Parade, guided by Lull-A-Bikes and a flashlight flag corps, tour the lagoon’s lost light spots, and find community in the process. 

Come be part of our joyful night time parade and performance, powered by people and song. 

The public is invited to watch, listen, and participate in:

• Serenading a Moon on the Lagoon: a 15-ft. diameter floating light sculpture that sings, sleeps, and sails across the Humboldt Park Lagoon.
• Night Time Whale Watching: a shadow puppet show projected from the inside of a lost whale.
• Sending Light Signals to a Lost Flight Machine: a living cast-a-way on Humboldt Park’s small uninhabited island flashes a spring SOS to park visitors and participants.
• Seeking out Audio Campfires: Listen to the acoustic light and flickering audio of local stories and poetry gathered through neighborhood writing workshops.
• Singing and Lighting up a Lullaby Parade: Visitors can bring their flashlights and their voices to add to the “light and lullabies” lined up behind Opera-Matic’s unique people-powered Lull-A-Bikes.

Opera-Matic brings moving visual art to the streets. We activate public spaces for community engagement through people-powered sound, story and interaction. By combining modular design and material repurposing, Opera-Matic weaves together the fantastic and familiar in unexpected places, encouraging culture building and neighborhood participation.

This project will feature the participation of numerous community partners providing local lullabies and flashlight navigation including:  Youth Making a Difference/ Block Club Federation, Association House and others.

Friday and Saturday, May 10-11

Around the entire Humboldt Park Lagoon (on the east side of the park – near the intersection of California Ave. and Hirsch St.)

Viewing Time:   
7:30-9 p.m.

Parade Launch:   
8 p.m. (Meet at the Humboldt Park Boat House and be a part of our parade!)

Your singing voices and your flashlights, we’ll provide the Lull-A-Bikes and lullabies


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