Welcome to Park Points™ presented by the Chicago Park District

Park Points™ is your opportunity to be rewarded for your loyalty to the Chicago Park District. Engage with us, and our partners, to gain access to amazing experiences.

Whether it's checking-in at some of the most popular locations, “liking” one of our new programs on Facebook, tweeting about your favorite Park activity, or sharing a photo from one of our partners, you have a chance to earn and accumulate Park Points™.

The more points you earn, the higher your chances will be to win one of our exclusive experiences.

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Park Points Sign Up




When you register for Park Points™, you will be asked to connect select social
media accounts to your membership in order to be eligible to earn Park Points.
When you engage with the Chicago Park District in the prescribed way, you'll earn Park Points™.




After you've registered your account, check back often or wait for your regular
emails from Park Points™ to let you know about how you can earn more points.
Then engage in the prescribed way and watch your Park Points™ grow.




Now that you've earned some points, it's time to start bidding. Simply choose the
experience that you want, enter your maximum bid, and then check back regularly
to make sure you're the highest bidder.