Building the Heart of Edgewater

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  • Location Notes: Field house entry hall
  • Park: Broadway Armory Park
  • Park Address: 5917 N Broadway Chicago, IL 60660
  • Park Phone: (312) 742-7502
  • Descriptors: Indoor, Mosaic or Ceramic
  • Artwork Created: 1986
  • Artwork Installed: 1987
  • Artist: Kathy Gemperle
Broadway Armory Park: Building the Heart of Edgewater

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Kathy Gemperle, an Edgewater artist and educator, served as the lead artist on this ceramic work entitled Building the Heart of Edgewater. Funded by a grant from the City of Chicago's Cultural Arts Program in 1986, the work was produced by community residents including senior citizens and elementary school students. It is composed of a series of ceramic tiles and depicts many different people and activities mostly in white and enveloped by a large heart, edged with colorful scenes of Edgewater residents, buildings, and the lakefront.