Legion Park Gateway Plaza Fountain

  • Location: View Map
  • Location Notes: South of W. Peterson Avenue and west of N. Lincoln Avenue
  • Park: Legion Park
  • Park Address: 3100 W. Bryn Mawr Ave. Chicago IL 60659
  • Park Phone: (312) 742-7516
  • Descriptors: Outdoor, Fountain
  • Artwork Installed: 2000
  • Artist: DeStefano and Partners, architects
  • Other Designer : Wolff Landscape Architecture, Inc.
Legion Park: Legion Park Gateway Plaza Fountain

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For decades, the area around the corner of N. Lincoln Avenue and W. Peterson Avenue was lined with run down motels known for attracting illicit activities. Legion Park, a historic stretch of parkland located on the banks of the Chicago River’s North Branch, was one of the neighborhood’s best resources. In the late 1990’s, Mayor Richard M. Daley announced plans to improve an 8-block area of Lincoln Avenue. This included razing the old Riverside Motel allowing for an expansion to Legion Park.

The new gateway into Legion Park includes a plaza lined with planters and benches and a beautiful pre-cast concrete fountain designed by architects DeStefano and Partners. The fountain has a large lower pool, which measures sixty feet in diameter. Water sprays from ten jets and trickles down four shallow bowls. The center fountain of stands on a pedestal, and the water shoots up to a height of seventeen feet. The garden enhancement provides a pleasant sitting area and visual landmark for the entire community.