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  • Location Notes: Entrance to the Pritzker Family Children’s Zoo
  • Park: Lincoln Park
  • Park Address: 2045 N Lincoln Park West Chicago IL 60614
  • Park Phone: (312) 742-7726
  • Descriptors: Outdoor, Sculpture
  • Artwork Installed: 2005
  • Artist: Veryl Goodnight
Lincoln Park Zoo: Pathfinders

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Entitle Pathfinders, these three bronze figures of North American gray wolves express a palpable sense of motion through their postures and the spatial relationships between each other. Donated by Jean McBride Greene, the group marks the pedestrian entrance to the west portion of the Lincoln Park Zoo and entrance to the Pritzker Family Children’s Zoo.

Veryl Goodnight (b. 1947), a sculptor who lives and works in Southwestern Colorado, produced the artwork. Goodnight has always had a love of wildlife and the American West. She specializes in animals, and prefers “sculpting from life” to relying on still photographs of her subjects.