Veteran's Memorial

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  • Location Notes: Corner of W. Irving Park Rd. and N. Narragansett Ave.
  • Park: Merrimac Park
  • Park Address: 6343 W. Irving Park Rd. Chicago IL 60634
  • Park Phone: (773) 685-3382
  • Descriptors: Outdoor, Object
  • Artwork Installed: 2009
  • Artist: Gast Monuments, Inc.
Merrimac Park: Veteran's Memorial

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After several years of planning, Alderman Tom Allen dedicated the Merrimac Park Veterans’ Memorial on May 22, 2009. Gast Monuments designed and created the sixteen-foot-long granite memorial which includes a carved eagle flanked by two horizontal walls with incised medallions representing each of the branches of the Armed Services.

The monument honors American veterans of all wars. Tax increment financing district funds not only covered the costs of the $75,000, but also allowed for substantial landscape improvements in Merrimac Park.