Permit Application Instructions - Purchasing Application Fee


1. Log into your account, select "Register for an Activity/Event/League" under "Other Services."


2.  Search for “Permit Application Fee” 



3.  Click on “Permit Application Fee


4. Click “Add to my Cart



5.  Choose the participant name & click “Continue


6.  Add the name of the event for which you are purchasing an application fee. If purchasing multiple application fees in one transaction, list all events in order of priority, separated by commas. If purchasing multiple application fees, change the quantity before clicking “Continue.” 




7.  View the information and make changes as needed – click edit if you need to purchase multiple application fees and did not add them or if you need to make changes to the event names in priority order.  Once ready to complete your transaction, click on the “Proceed to Checkout” button. 




8.    Review order information, read and acknowledge waiver, enter credit card information, and verify you are 13 or older. Click “Continue”.  Note:  in order to click on the waiver acknowledgment, you must scroll down through the whole waiver.




9.  Print Receipt or click “Continue” to return to the home page. When you submit your Special Event Permit Application, you will need this receipt number and customer ID to be filled out or your application will be considered incomplete. 




10.  Submit your Special Event Permit Application within 3 business days. Be sure to include your receipt number, Customer ID and the name of your event.  List as many date choices as possible for a greater chance of being approved for your permit request.  If any part of your application is not filled out, it will be considered incomplete and will not be processed.