Post Lollapalooza Restoration Work Successfully Completed


Just over one month after the exit of the largest Lollapalooza music festival Chicago has ever seen, work to restore and improve Grant Park is now complete. The work which costs $350,000 was covered by C3 Presents, the festival’s promoter.

Final phases of work were performed at Lower Hutchinson field where extensive seeding was done in areas with minimal damage while areas where more extensive damage occurred required soil regrading and sodding. Although visitors will notice the initial difference in treatments, seeded and sodded areas will maturate and appear more uniformed in the coming weeks.

This mixed approach to landscape restoration is traditional and consistent with similar Chicago Park District projects with the exception of the 2011 post Lollapalooza clean-up, when landscape loss was so great that the entire area required sod.

“We are thrilled to have completed the work to restore Grant Park as expected and that Mother Nature continues to cooperate with our efforts” said Chicago Park District General Superintendent and CEO Mike Kelly. 

Landscape improvements began at the park’s north end, at Butler Field. Soil replacement, seeding and aerating were completed in that area within two days and after three weeks resulted in a lush, new lawn.

The installation of new sod and irrigation in Upper Hutchinson field aided the turf grass in growing as quickly as possible.  Grading of surfaces and minor shrub replacement were also coordinated in several areas.

The work was overseen by the Chicago Park District and carried out by several Chicago-based landscaping firms. 


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