Junior Bear Football

Junior Bear is a tackle football program with two divisions; the 8-10-year-old pee wee division and the 11-13-year-old varsity division.  In a season which runs from August to October, players will enjoy opening ceremonies, clinics, and league play, along with the championship game and closing ceremonies,   Uniforms, transportation, and giveaways are provided.  Games are played at several locations throughout the city, usually on Saturdays, with some Tuesday night games.  The championship Mum Bowl is held at historic Soldier Field at the end of the season.  This program is coordinated and administered by the Chicago Park District’s Athletics department, and partially funded by a grant from the Chicago Bears.

View the 2017 Schedules: Pee Wee Schedule and Varsity Schedule

See the list of parks offering Junior Bear football programs below, and register for one now.  In-person registration at the parks is also available. 

Participating Parks


Ada Park Bears
11250 S. Ada St.
Regiser for Ada Park

Altgeld Park Saints*
515 S. Washtenaw Ave.
(312) 746-5001
Regiser for Altgeld Park

Carver Park Steelers
939 E. 132nd St.
(312) 747-6047
Regiser for Carver Park

Chopin Park Colts
3420 N. Long
(773) 685-3247
Regiser for Chopin Park


Clarendon Park Cardinals
4501 N. Clarendon Ave
(312) 742-7512
Regiser for Clarendon Park

Eckhart Park Panthers
1330 W. Chicago
(312) 746-5490
Regiser for Eckhart Park

Fosco Park Chargers*
1312 S. Racine Ave.
(312) 746-5086
Regiser for Fosco Park

Fuller Park (Pee Wee program only)
331 W. 45th St.
(312) 747-6144
Regiser for Fuller Park

Hamlin Park Lions*
3035 N. Hoyne
(312) 742-7785
Regiser for Hamlin Park

Jackson Park Raiders
6401 S. Stony Island
(773) 256-0903
Regiser for Jackson Park

Kelvyn Park Hurricanes
4438 W. Wrightwood
(312) 742-7547
Regiser for Kelvyn Park

LaFollette Park Wildcats
1333 N. Laramie Ave
(773) 287-0541
Regiser for LaFollette Park

Lindblom Park Ravens
6054 S. Damen Ave.
(312) 747-6443
Regiser for Lindblom Park

Ogden Park Vikings
6500 S. Racine Ave
(312) 747-6572
Regiser for Ogden Park

Rainbow Beach Jaguars
3111 E. 77th St.
(312) 745-1479
Regiser for Rainbow Beach Park

Russell Square Park Eagles
3045 E. 83rd St.
(312) 747-6651
Regiser for Russell Square Park

Taylor Park Falcons*
39 W. 47th St.
(312) 747-6728
Regiser for Taylor Park

Washington Park Redskins*
5531 S. King Dr.
(773) 256-1248
Regiser for Washington Park

Willye White Park Wolverines
1610 W. Howard
(773) 262-5051
Regiser for Willye White Park