Preparing for Registration Day

Some park programs fill up quickly on the first day of registration. To be better prepared for the first day of registration, we suggest the following:

  • Create your account if you haven't already
    You must create an account prior to registering.
    An account is required for online or in-person registration.
    Accounts can be created online or at the park

  • Add all individuals whom you plan to register for on your account
  • Have your credit card ready
    Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express are accepted on the new system. Paypal is no longer used.
    Online registration is divided over two days, based on a park's location (West or East of California Ave.).
    View online & in-person registration dates now.
  • Utilize the waiting list function
    Once all the spots in a program are sold, both online and in-person spots, you can be added to the waiting list. If a spot becomes available, parks will contact patrons based on their position on the list.  Learn more about the waiting list.