Registration Check List

To be best prepared for registration, we recommend the following:

  • Set up an account on the registration system if you haven’t yet.  Make sure to add all persons who you plan to register for on your account.
  • Check your account login and password well before registration begins. If you experience any problems, this will allow time to contact us before registration begins.
  • Review your account information and make changes as needed, with specific focus on:
        - Child pick up (who can/who can’t pick up your child), and the ability for your child to walk home alone
        - School Information
    To answer these questions, log in to your account and click on the "Answer/Edit Account Questions" link.  Look for these questions under the "Account Creation Questions" section for each account holder.  Remember to update this information for all individuals on your account.  To change any other account information, click on the "Change Personal Account Information" link.  Note: address and date-of-birth changes have to be made in-person at a park, and proof of residency/age is required.
  • Create a wish list with the programs for which you plan to register.
    The wish list feature saves time on the first day of registration, by allowing you to search for programs and save them in your wish list. You are not saving actual slots in the program – so this does not guarantee a spot in a program.  Learn more about the wish list. 
  • Review screen shots of the registration process.
    Take time to review these instructions and screen shots in advance, so you know how to:
    - Add a program to a wish list
    - Review a wish list
    - Register for a program from a wish list
      Note:  The registration countdown clock is NOT available from the Wish List page.  To see the countdown clock leading up to the 9:00 am registration start time, click on the activity name of your highest priority activity to get to the Activity Detail page.
    - Register for a program (from a general search, not from a wish list)
    - Register for multiple programs or multiple spots in the same program
      Note:  An activity is secured once it’s in your cart.  This allows you to add multiple activities to your cart before paying, without losing the activities. 
    - Check an account to confirm registration
    - Review a schedule - schedules are available after completing a registration

The following credit cards are accepted for online registration:  Visa, Matercard, Discover and American Express.

Many highly sought after programs are available in other parks across the city.  If you can be flexible on your location, you'll have a greater chance of getting into the program you want.

If you don't get a spot in the program of your choice, you can utilize the waiting list feature (once all online and in-person spots have filled) - please note that this does not guarantee a spot in a program.  Learn more about the waiting list.