Registration Wish List

The wish list feature saves time on the first day of registration by allowing you to search for programs in advance and save them in your wish list.  Please note that you are saving only the activity in your wish list, not actual slots in the activity, so this does not guarantee a spot in a program.  If you want to register two children for the same program, you will start by clicking on the "Enroll" button from the wish list, and then selecting the first child (participant).  Once this spot is in your shopping cart, you can click on "Add another one" to select your second child for this same class.  To get a better understanding of this process, view the "Registering for a Program from a Wish List" screen shots.

Creating your wish list in advance of registration will save you time on that first day, which gives you a better chance of getting a spot in a program that may fill up quickly.

Review the following screen shots to better understand the wish list feature and how it works: