Redmoon Theater's Summer Art Series in the Parks Features Music, Theatric Performances and Spoken Word


Parents in Chicago’s South and West sides looking for exciting and engaging opportunities for their families are invited to a free summer series in the park beginning July 12. Internationally-acclaimed Redmoon Theater is bringing a community celebration to 10 under-served public parks throughout Chicago from July 12 to September 7. Redmoon, which specializes in creating large-scale celebratory and community-based events, is collaborating with Young Chicago Authors, The Bucket Boys, and DJ Such-N-Such to create this free event. The events are supported by The Chicago Park District, Allstate Insurance Company, The Pritzker Traubert Foundation, 1111 Foundation and Ebert Family Foundation.

Redmoon and its collaborators will be leading free workshops for youth and their families. In these workshops, participants will be invited to learn the art of spoken word, drumming, and key elements of public performance in an effort to create authentic, unexpected urban celebrations.  The Bucket Boys, a six person drum troupe composed of talented teenagers from the South Side, will lead community members in their unique style of drumming.  The Young Chicago Authors, an organization which offers education and scholarships for young Chicagoans interested in creative writing, will have several representatives present to lead the community in expression through spoken word.  Kevin Koval, Young Chicago Authors’ Artistic Director, emphasizes the value of creating “the opportunity to provide a safe, exciting and energizing space in diverse neighborhoods all over our city in a moment in the summer when people need more cultural and chill places to go.”

Following the workshops, the participants and any other interested community members will be invited to join Redmoon and its collaborators to create a 30-40 minute spectacle and parade in the public park. Featured in the spectacle is Redmoon’s newest invention SONIC BOOM, a 16 foot tall mobile soapbox and speaker system, equipped with two DJ stations, a drum kit, a slide and other interactive elements. The object provides drummers with space to perform, a platform for community members to present personal stories and professional poets to share  poetry and two stations for DJs to spin celebratory music.

The spectacle promises to be a celebration of “Music, dance and word intermingling,” according to Koval.  During the event, DJ Such N Such will be spinning live. DJ Such N Such is a Chicago native and member of the Save Money team who has impressed Chicago listeners with his mixtape "Yesterday Comes Tomorrow," featuring instrumentals from the DJ himself and guest performances by Chance the Rapper. Additionally, Lamar Jorden, a Chicago MC, poet, playwright, performer and repeat winner of the Louder Than a Bomb youth poetry festival, will be emceeing the event.  He says, “I'm sure there will be a good amount of people ready to put these works and performances into really tangible action. I believe art just has that impact.”

“Redmoon is grateful to have the support of The Chicago Park District, Allstate Insurance Company, The Pritzker Traubert Family Foundation, 1111 Foundation and Ebert Foundation to participate in its visionary Night Out in the Parks mission and create dynamic collaborations between powerful groups like Young Chicago Authors, The Bucket Boys, Free Spirit Media, and DJ Such and Such to generate fun interactive events that are at the heart of Redmoon's mission. Not to mention the honor of working in some of the most beautiful parks in our city,” says Frank Maurgeri Co-Artistic Director of Redmoon.

Redmoon’s unique outlook on public events and performance will make this Night Out in the Parks an unforgettable experience.  Adam Schwerner, Director of Natural Resources for the Chicago Park District, says of the project, “In addition to visually exciting spectacles, Redmoon also fosters community involvement. This engagement is of particular interest to the Chicago Park District as our Night Out in the Parks initiative this summer will bring people together to experience cultural performances in our neighborhood parks.” Additionally, these events offer an opportunity for young Chicagoans to showcase their talents.  Wendy Abrahams, a major supporter of Redmoon and the Bucket Boys, says, “I think this will be an exciting program to engage communities throughout Chicago, showcasing and celebrating the talents of young Chicagoans.”

To bring these free workshops and this public celebration to Chicago, Redmoon is partnering with The Chicago Parks District, with support from Allstate Insurance Company, The Pritzker Traubert Family Foundation, 1111 Foundation and Ebert Family Foundation an integral part of the city’s Night Out in the Parks series. Complimentary food provided will provided by Bacci Pizzeria and KFC for the performers, as well as DJ equipment being provided by Dance All Night, Inc. and collaborator Free Spirit Media will document the event. Those working directly on the project have great hope for the impact these workshops will have on the communities where they take place.
To participate in the free workshop and spectacle performance, please join Redmoon:
• Sherman Park, July12th, 5:00- 9:00pm, 1301 W. 52nd St. Chicago, IL. 60609, New City Community
• Calumet Park, July 19th, 5:00-9:00pm, 9801 S. Avenue G, Chicago, IL. 60617, South Chicago Community
• Columbus Park, July 27th, 5:00-9:00pm, 500 S. Central Ave. Chicago, IL. 60644, Austin Community
• Meyering Park, August 2nd, 5:00-9:00pm, 7140 S. Martin Luther King Dr., Chicago, IL. 60619, Park Manor Com.
• Midway Plaisance, August 8th, 8:30-10:00pm, 1130 Midway Plaisance, Chicago, IL. 60637, Hyde Park Community
 *Partner with Brave New Voices Festival and co-hosted by Young Chicago Authors
• Dvorak Park, August 10th, 1:00-5:00pm, 1119 W. Cullerton St., Chicago, IL. 60608, Pilsen Community
 *Partner with Ellevarte’s We Are Hip Hop Festival
• Amundsen Park, August 17th, 5:00-9:00pm, 6200 W. Bloomingdale, Chicago, IL. 60639, Galewood Community
• Fuller Park, August 24th, 5:00-9:00pm, 331 W. 45th St. Chicago, IL. 60609, Fuller Park Community
• Sherwood Park, August 30th, 5:00-9:00pm, 5701 S. Shields, Chicago, IL. 60621, Englewood Community
• Humboldt Park, Sept. 7th, 4:30-8:30pm, 1440 N. Humboldt Dr. Chicago, IL. 60622, Humboldt Park Community

About Redmoon:
Redmoon’s mission is to transform the experience of our urban landscape through ephemeral events that disrupt everyday life and provide opportunities for public engagement, community building and recognition for the possibility of change. Founded in 1990, Redmoon transforms streets, stages and architectural landmarks, bridging international, economic, cultural and generational boundaries with unique brand of Spectacle: public art form that is equal parts pageantry, gadgetry, puppetry, robust physical performance and visual art. Through its vibrant outdoor performances, high profile collaborations, and educational, youth-focused Neighborhood Arts Programming (NAP). Redmoon has brought its unique brand of Spectacle performance to over 110 locations throughout 30 Chicago neighborhoods.



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