July 2012: Toddlers, Tunes & Turtles

Toddlers, Tunes and Turtles is in its seventh year! This is an outdoor nature program where families can enjoy the park together. We provide animal experts that bring a variety of live animals like frogs, snakes, birds, and of course, turtles. We also have musicians come and sing family friendly music to eager crowds. There are instruments for the kids to play with, puzzles, books, blocks, fishing and more! A star feature is nature free play which is proven to help children developmentally as they build forts out of sticks, touch pine cones or smell cinnamon bark. This event is open to the neighborhood, park groups and everyone in the city. Admission free. Toddlers, all ages - Adult supervision is required throughout the evening.

July 2012: Toddlers, Tunes & Turtles

December 2012: Ice Skating .

The Chicago Park District's outdoor ice skating rinks are open for the season through Sunday, Feb. 24, weather

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