Water Fountain Testing Results


The Park District has been continuing its comprehensive water management and sampling program that began in 2016.   At the start of the season in 2017 all outdoor water fountains were set to run continuously for one month at the recommendation of the Chicago Department of Water Management and the Illinois Department of Public Health.  This new protocol was developed for the fountains and plumbing lines to be properly flushed and conditioned so they would be able to provide clean water throughout the summer.  At this time most fountains have been able to be returned to a push button operation while providing water that meets EPA standards. Approximately 150 fountains have been found to require additional flushing in order to continue to meet the EPA standards. These fountains will be allowed to run continuously to ensure that they are producing clean water that meets EPA standards. It is important to note that if a fountain is on and available for public use, it has been tested and meets all EPA standards for lead.  The status of each fountain and results of the water sampling program may be found in the tables below.  The fountains will continue to be monitored throughout the rest of the season and the tables will be updated accordingly.  

The current status of each fountain may be seen on the following table:
Outdoor Water Fountain Status Table  


The detailed results of the 2017 outdoor water fountain sampling may be seen on the following table: 
Outdoor Water Fountain Sampling Detailed Results Table 


The results of the 2017 indoor water sampling may be seen on the following table: 
Indoor Water Fountain Sampling Results Table



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