Ice Rink Renovation Time Lapse Video



McFetridge Sports Center
3843 N. California Ave.
Chicago IL 60618
Hours: Park: 6am - 11pm
Park Supervisor: Rob Nabar
(773) 478-2609

This summer, the Chicago Park District's McFetridge Sports Center ice rink underwent a much needed renovation that included the total replacement of the ice rink, installation of a new concrete flooring system as well as above ground ice rink components. The project also replaced the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for the lobby, ice rink and tennis courts, as well as replacement of the lighting fixtures for the ice rink and tennis courts, upgraded the electrical switchgear and installed other miscellaneous improvements for increased energy efficiency in the facility.

The project took five months to complete and was documented during the renovation process. Check out this time lapse video of renovation! The new rink officially opened Monday, September 24.