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Park District and Board acknowledge Women’s History Month; Hears presentation on Title IX  and programs that encourage girls to be active.

Today, the Chicago Park District Board of Commissioners received proposed amendments to the Ethics chapter of the Park District Code to update the District’s ethics requirements and approved a contract to modernize the District’s telecommunications services. The Board also granted provisional approval for large scale events to be permitted on park property. During the meeting held at Fosco Park, located 1312 S. Racine in the New City community, the Board and District heard a presentation in celebration of Women’s History Month, acknowledging the history of Title IX and the District’s efforts to encourage girls to participate in sports and active recreation.  

The  proposed amendments to the District’s Ethics code  would update and clarify the District’s ethics requirements. Proposed changes include revised policies related to gift ban and prohibited political activity provisions. Additionally, the proposed amendments include necessary changes to ensure the Code is consistent with the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act. These changes will be posted for 45 days for public comment at

“To continue to build a stronger Park District, we must ensure that our workforce is guided by updated policies and best ethical practices, said Chicago Park District General Superintendent and CEO Rosa Escareño. “These proposed Code changes are another example of our efforts to develop policies that reflect the District’s values and govern conduct and accountability across all levels.”

The Board approved a contract with Altaworx, LLC for District-wide telecommunications services. Under this agreement, the District will migrate to a modern system that supports enhanced business communications functions including voicemail-to-email, conference calling, auto-attendant and phone directory. In addition to increased capabilities, the new agreement also brings cost efficiencies that translate to half the cost of the District’s current system. The contract amount for the initial three-year term is not to exceed $2.1 million. The District also has the option for two, one year extensions. 

The Board also granted provisional approval for the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge and Bank of America Chicago Marathon to be permitted on park property later this year. 

The Board acknowledged Women’s History Month and heard a presentation on the District efforts to uphold and advance the tenets of Title IX through Girls Day of Play, a program that addresses the disparity in girls who participate in sports and active recreation by hosting quarterly events featuring swimming, outdoor running, cultural activities, games, yoga and sports. Participation in these and other activities increase self-esteem and instill life-long, healthy physical activity habits.  President Hamilton also noted the Park District honors women through park namings.

“We currently have 69 parks named after women from all different walks of life.  I was honored to attend the dedication of Kolmar Park last fall, which was named in recognition of the poet and holocaust victim Gertrud Kolmar. I was deeply moved by her personal story of resiliency, sacrifice and strength.  We are honored to have the representation of this rich history live throughout our parks.”    

Enacted in 1972, Title XI of the Educational Amendments prohibits gender-based discrimination in programs and activities at all colleges and universities that receive federal funding.