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Chicago Park District General Superintendent and CEO Michael Kelly is joined by Victoria Colla
Chicago Park District General Superintendent and CEO Michael Kelly is joined by Victoria Colla, Special Assistant to the Board of Commissioners, in receiving the CAPRA accreditation.
Chicago Park District

The Chicago Park District has been granted accreditation for standards of excellence in quality and efficiency by the National Commission for Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies (CAPRA).  CAPRA acknowledges that the Chicago Park District has fulfilled requirements exemplifying its commitment to serving its patrons, employees, volunteers and communities.

“The City of Chicago’s incredible park system functions as a catalyst that keeps our community connected through recreation, cultural, and nature,” said Mayor Rahm Emanuel.  “This CAPRA accreditation acknowledges and underscores our city’s commitment to parks and our unwavering efforts to improve the quality of life for all Chicagoans.”

The CAPRA national accreditation standards provide benchmarks for parks and recreational agencies that comply with the quality assurance and improvement process demonstrating their commitment to the people they service.

Michael Kelly, General Superintendent and CEO of the Chicago Park District, said, “This is a great day for the Chicago Park District and the City of Chicago.  This newly granted accreditation reaffirms our continued commitment to provide our park patrons with excellence in service, as well as recognizes us as a leader in the parks and recreation community.”

Accreditation requires an agency to comply with all 36 fundamental standards and at least 85 percent of the remaining108 standards put forth by CAPRA.  The accreditation process is a five-year cycle with three phases: the agency’s self-assessment report, the on-site visitation, and the CAPRA review and decision.  If accreditation is granted, the agency develops a new self-assessment report, which is reviewed every five years.  In the four years between on-site visits, the agency submits annual reports outlining its continued efforts to maintain compliance and accreditation.

CAPRA standards maintain a high level of excellence in regards to an agency’s efficiency and effectiveness of their plans, policies, and procedures.  Accreditation is a way for tax payers, policy makers, staff and the general public to know that their services are being met and delivered, according to CAPRA standards.

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