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Lakefront Trail reopens from Oak St. to Ohio St.
Lakefront Trail reopens from Oak St. to Ohio St. Photo: Chicago Park District

Completion of Repair Work on the Trail Provides Users with a Continuous Path From Ardmore Avenue to 71st Street

The Chicago Park District today reopened the Lakefront Trail between Oak and Ohio Streets to cyclists, runners and walkers after completing extensive repair work due to erosion. The reopening of this area on the trail now provides users with a continuous 18-mile path from Edgewater (Ardmore Ave) to South Shore (71st St).

On June 22, the Park District reopened the Lakefront Trail after closing for an extended period due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  For more than a month now, Chicago residents have had access to the beloved trail for commuting and exercise with the condition that users “Keep It Moving.”

Due to significant lakefront storm damage and high lake levels, other sections of the lakefront trail still are being repaired. In those areas, from Fullerton to North Avenues and from 43rd to 51st streets, cyclists, runners and walkers share the trail while repairs are completed. For more information, visit

The repairs were made possible by philanthropist and Citadel Founder and CEO Ken Griffin, who generously donated $4.75 million to repave and reinforce damaged sections of the pedestrian and bike paths, enabling that work to begin while the trail was closed this spring. Mr. Griffin also funded the Lakefront Trail Separation project completed in 2018.

Trail usage is for commuting and exercise including cycling, running and walking from 6am to 7pm daily, and users are asked to stay in constant motion and “Keep It Moving.” Compliance has been critical in order to mitigate congregating and maintaining social distancing along the popular trail. To encourage proper use, the Park District installed visible signage along the trail to educate and remind trail users of rules. In addition, Social Distancing Ambassadors (SDA) have been stationed along the trail to educate the public and manage the flow of traffic.

While the lakefront trail is open, lakefront parking lots remain closed to avoid large groups from gathering. All other lakefront amenities including outdoor fitness equipment athletic fields and beaches will remain closed while public health officials advise the Park District on options to open safely.

The Park District urges patrons to take precautions to protect their health and the safety of others while in parks. Face coverings are required at all times. Patrons also are urged to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer frequently, avoid touching their face with unwashed hands and covering their noses and mouths when sneezing or coughing. Also, anyone who is feeling unwell should stay home, per Chicago Department Public Health order.

For more information on the Chicago Park District’s COVID-19 response plan, visit Stay connected to Twitter @chicagoparks for regular updates, using the hashtag #ChiLFTAlerts.