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Escareno acknowledged a housecleaning and a culture change are needed in the Beaches and Pools Division, and she has carte blanche to do both.

Rosa Escareno said Friday she has signed a 90-day contract to replace ousted Chicago Park District CEO Mike Kelly but cracked the door open to staying longer after a housecleaning dictated by the sexual harassment and abuse against lifeguards.

“Of course. Who wouldn’t love this job that does so many wonderful things for people?” Escareno said when asked whether she would consider staying on.

Chicago’s recently retired Business Affairs and Consumer Protection commissioner, Escareno was decompressing and training for a marathon when Mayor Lori Lightfoot called and asked her to replace Kelly.

She answered the call, just as she has done so many times before when her experience, compassion and coalition-building skills were needed to solve a crisis or assist Chicago businesses after the pandemic and two rounds of looting.

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