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There are park programs for all ages and interests.
There are park programs for all ages and interests.
Photo: Chicago Park District

Available for the first time, financial assistance for Park Kids, an after-school park program

The Chicago Park District opens online registration for fall park programs on Monday, August 5th and 6th. From Park Kids, an after-school program, to sports and arts activities for Seniors, there are park programs for all ages and interests.

With over 900 offerings to play a variety of sports and more than 600 opportunities to engage in swim activities and lessons, the Chicago Park District’s vast programming schedule brings organized sports and active play opportunities to local neighborhoods during the fall. In addition to recreational activities in the parks, patrons can enhance their creative and intellectual skills by signing up for cultural and arts classes like woodshop or photography.

In order to ensure a successful enrollment session for fall programs, registration will take place online over two days and in two different zones;

•    Parks located west of California Avenue will begin registration Monday, Aug. 5 at 9 a.m.  
•    Parks located east of California Avenue will begin registration Tuesday, Aug. 6 at 9 a.m.  

View the full gamut of fall programs and create a wish list today at

In-person registration begins either Saturday, Aug. 10 or Monday, Aug. 12, depending upon the park.  Fall programs run from the week of Sept. 9 to the week of Dec. 2.

The Chicago Park District’s popular Gymnastics Center programs will once again be offered in two different sessions to give park patrons more opportunities to participate in gymnastics. Online registration begins Tuesday, August 6 at 12 pm.  Activities run the week of August 26 through the week of October 14.

New this year, financial assistance is available for the Park Kids after-school program. If approved, financial assistance covers half of the program cost. Participants may seek eligibility at a park today and receive the discount at the time of online registration.
This fall, Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) residents can use vouchers to pay a reduced fee for Park Kids, Leisure Education and Break Camps. CHA vouchers are currently being accepted in-person at parks.  An account is necessary to complete this process.  Patrons may create online accounts on our registration page. Once completed and approved, the related account will be updated to include this CHA pre-requisite.  Learn more about financial assistance and the documentation required to qualify at

Before registering for fall programs, patrons are encouraged to follow the registration tips listed below.

Preparing for Registration Day
•    Set up an account on the new registration system if you haven’t already.
•    Add all persons who you plan to register for on your account.
•    Check your account login and password before registration begins.  
•    Review your account information and make changes as needed.
•    Browse through the list of fall programs.  
•    Create a wish list with the programs that you plan to register.
•    View the registration process page for more information.

For more information, visit or call 312-742-PLAY.