Promotions & Sampling


The Chicago Park District’s over 580 parks provide unique venues for organizations and corporations to promote their brands, products and services. Learn more.



Neighborhood Park Advertising  

Park Fence Advertising

  • Outdoor Neighborhood Ice Rinks
  • Outdoor Neighborhood Park Fences
  • Indoor Neighborhood Digital Displays

For detailed information and pricing:  Neighborhood Park Advertising Opportunities

For more information about advertising opportunities, please contact New Business Development at (312) 742-4744.


Lakefront Wallscapes and Wi-Fi Network Advertising

Addison-Walkway    Museum-Campus-Walkway    Mobile-Ad-Wi-Fi-Network-Login

On behalf of the Chicago Park District, StreetSmart manages 24 eye-level wallscapes and free Wi-Fi network advertising. The lakefront offers an uncluttered advertising opportunity to showcase your client’s brand/product at high-trafficked Chicago lakefront walkways.  Capture the attention and interest of thousands of daily visitors while they are in a relaxed state of mind. 


Contact the New Business Development Department at (312) 742-4744 for more information.