The Park District is committed to recreational opportunities for all children in the City of Chicago. In the interest of participation and enjoyment for Chicago youth, the Chicago Park District provides the following Medication Policy.

1. If a patron has a condition requiring medicine, please contact the Chicago Park District Risk Management department at 773-947-0715.

2. Patron/ registered participant, must provide written instructions from the prescribing practitioner for the administration of the prescribed medication. Such instructions shall be signed by the prescribing practitioner.

3. Written instructions should include:

  • the name of the drug
  • the dose
  • approximate time it is to be taken
  • the diagnosis or reason the medication is needed
  • a list of adverse effects that may be reasonably expected
  • contraindications to administering the medication

4.  A written statement must be provided from the prescribing practitioner which identifies the specific conditions and circumstances under which contact should be made with him or her in relation to the condition or reactions of the patron receiving the medications, and reflects a willingness on the part of the patron to accept direct communications from the person administering the medication.

5.  A written statement must be provided from the parent/legal guardian authorizing personnel to give medication.

6.  Parents should hand-deliver prescribed and over-the-counter medication to the Park Supervisor.

7.  The Park Administration reserves the right to require parents to bring in and remove medicine as necessary.  (A separate policy and procedure are required for the administration of medications).  The Medication/Treatment Request form and Medication Record as well as a Physician Care plan form are to be filed in the Park prior to any agreement.


1.  If the medication is to be given, staff is to be provided instruction by the physician or a registered nurse and approved, staff must also demonstrate or provide evidence of appropriate learning.

2.  CPD staff and/or adult delivering medication shall document verification of the medication count by initialing the medication administration form.